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Q: How long will my sponsorship last?
A: Each Primate Pal sponsorship lasts for 1 year. You have the option to either pay $150 upfront for the year or have your payment divided into $12.50 per month payments for 1 year. Choose your preferred payment option on the mail-in form.

Q: Can I gift a Primate Pal adoption to my nephew, girlfriend, grandchild, etc?
A: Certainly! Simply check the “Gift” box on the mail-in form and fill out the necessary information. Primate Pal sponsorships make great gifts!

Q: Can I adopt a different resident next year?
A: Sure! Each year you have the option to continue sponsoring your current Primate Pal or choose another. We have plenty of residents to choose from!

Q: How much of my donation goes to my Primate Pal?
A: 100% of your donation goes to providing food, shelter, and medical care for your Pal. Caring for primates is an expensive undertaking, and your donation is greatly appreciated!

Q: What will you use my donation for?
A: Your donation will be used to provide food, medical care, and shelter for your Primate Pal. Because primates are so intelligent, they also require a lot of enrichment to keep them stimulated. Your donation will also go towards items to keep your Primate Pal entertained.

Q: What do I get in the Primate Pal package?
A: Your Primate Pal package will contain an adoption certificate, a beautiful photo of your Primate Pal, your Pal’s biography, and a 1-year Family Membership to the Primate Rescue Center, which includes an invitation to our Members Only Event in May!

Q: Where can I find more information about my Primate Pal?
A: Your Pal can be found in the Our Residents section. You can also find more pictures and video of your pal on our Facebook page (, on Twitter (@prim8rescue), or on Instagram (@prim8rescue).

Q: When will I get my monkey in the mail?
A: Primate Pals is a symbolic adoption program. You are sponsoring a specific Primate Rescue Center resident, and your donation will be directed towards the care of that primate. You will not actually receive a monkey or chimpanzee, because they can be very dangerous and make terrible pets!

Q: What happens if the resident I sponsored passes away?
A: Although it is heartbreaking, we do have to occasionally deal with the passing of our residents. If your Primate Pal passes away, you will be able to choose a new Pal to adopt for the remainder of your sponsorship term.

Q: Can I sponsor a Primate Pal if I live outside the United States?
A: We love our international donors! In order to keep the Primate Pals program affordable, we are unable to mail documents outside of the U.S. We are happy to email you all the documents from your Primate Pals package, and you can print them and keep or gift to someone special. Updates throughout the year will be emailed.

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