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Sneezin’ in the Rain: New Monkey Discovered

Erika Fleury March 26, 2014

Almost by definition, species unknown to science are often tough to track down. But researchers seeking out a new species of primate in northern Myanmar were assured by locals that the monkeys aren't hard to find at all. You just have to wait for it to rain.

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Chimps Put People Ahead of Baboons

Erika Fleury March 14, 2014

Chimpanzees that have had positive experiences with humans appear to trust people more than they do baboons and unfamiliar chimps, a new study suggests.

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Spider Monkeys Are the Only Other Primate Species That Segregates by Sex

Erika Fleury March 14, 2014

If you’ve ever been separated from the opposite sex, you’ve experienced something that nearly no other primate species has. For a long time, humans were the only primate species we knew of that ever systematically separates society along sex lines. But now we have a companion in the “boys/girls are gross” world: the spider monkey.

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Say Cheese! Similarities of Human, Primate Expressions

Erika Fleury March 08, 2014

A study in the latest issue of Biology Letters shows that human facial expressions are very similar to those of other primates, and are produced in similar ways.

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