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Legislation Would Ban Pet Monkeys in Virginia

Erika Fleury January 23, 2015

One Hampton Roads, VA lawmaker isn't monkeying around in this year's General Assembly session.

Pet monkeys would be banned in Virginia under legislation proposed by state Sen. Lynwood Lewis, D-Accomac. His legislation, SB1315, would end future purchases and breeding of nonhuman primates in homes or at what the Humane Society calls "roadside zoos."

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Monkey See, Monkey Forced to Do

Erika Fleury January 23, 2015

A recently introduced Senate bill threatens to further legitimize Helping Hands, an outdated and inhumane primate “training facility” located in Boston, when it should be shut down permanently.

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Another Court Denies Legal Rights for a Chimpanzee

Erika Fleury January 18, 2015

For the third time in less than a year, a historic bid for legal rights for chimpanzees has been denied. On Friday, a New York state appeals court upheld a lower court’s ruling that Kiko, a chimp owned by a couple in Niagara Falls, is not a legal person with a right to be free, or at least less-imprisoned.

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Members of Congress Request Investigation into U.S. Monkey Lab

Erika Fleury January 04, 2015

Four members of Congress have asked the National Institutes of Health (NIH) to investigate psychological experiments on monkeys being carried out at an NIH lab in Poolesville, Maryland. 

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New Monkey Species Already Believed to be Endangered

Erika Fleury January 04, 2015

What is believed to be a new monkey species in the Amazon rainforest may in fact already be endangered, according to researchers, due to deforestation in the region.

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