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Bowie, TX Woman Recovering From Monkey Attack

Erika Fleury November 26, 2015

The Montague County, Texas Sheriff's Office has revealed a Bowie-area woman is recovering from a monkey attack earlier in November. The woman was treated for minor injuries she received after being attacked by a Japanese snow macaque on her back porch recently.

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Primates in Peril: HALF of Our Closest Living Relatives are On the Brink of Extinction

Erika Fleury November 24, 2015

They are our closest living relatives in the animal kingdom, yet more than half of the world's primates are facing extinction due to our destruction of the habitats where they live.

Scientists released a new report on the world's most endangered primates. The Hainan gibbon in China has just 25 individuals remaining in the wild. There are just 50 Northern sportive lemur left living in Madagascar. Scientists warn new efforts are needed to save many of these species.

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N.I.H. to End Backing for Invasive Research on Chimps

Erika Fleury November 19, 2015

The National Institutes of Health announced that it would end its support for invasive research on chimpanzees and retire the 50 chimps that it had set aside for future biomedical research.

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Monkey Bites 84-Year-Old Woman, Runs Wild Through Neighborhood

Erika Fleury November 18, 2015

A monkey ran wild through a Harlingen, Texas neighborhood on Wednesday, November 18th, injuring an 84-year-old woman, according to information released by the Harlingen Police Department.

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Wild Pet Problem In Wildcat Country

Erika Fleury November 17, 2015

The Primate Rescue Center was featured in a news story about the dangers of exotic pets. Click the link to read the transcript and watch the video.

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Plan to Export Chimps Tests Law to Protect Species

Erika Fleury November 14, 2015

When the Fish and Wildlife Service decided in June to classify all chimpanzees, captive or wild, as endangered, the ruling meant that any biomedical experiment or export of chimps from the United States, whoever owned them, would be subject to a strict permit process under the Endangered Species Act. How the new rules will play out is an open question. A partial answer is about to come in the first test of the new endangered listing, a permit application now before the Fish and Wildlife Service.

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The Wild Chimpanzee Who Cared for Her Child with Disability

Erika Fleury November 12, 2015

In the first case of its kind, a female chimpanzee has been observed caring for an infant with severe disabilities in the wild.

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Saving Apes From Ebola: Harms, Benefits and Probabilities

Erika Fleury November 11, 2015

Recently, in a New York Times Op-Ed, Dr. Peter Walsh made the case that curtailing biomedical research on chimpanzees may negatively impact the ability for conservationists to save that species in the wild. It's a compelling argument on the surface, pitting animal protection groups who have cried victory in helping eliminate the invasive use of chimpanzees for medical research, against those invested in shielding chimpanzees in Africa from a very real threat: the Ebola virus.

But is it that simple?

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The Cruel Trade in Pet Monkeys

Erika Fleury November 06, 2015

The suffering of pet monkeys across the UK is highlighted as animal health and welfare groups launch a petition to end the keeping of primates as pets.

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Yerkes to Donate Chimpanzees to Unaccredited Park in England

Erika Fleury November 04, 2015

Yerkes National Primate Research Center (Yerkes) is planning to donate eight chimpanzees to England, amidst the criticisms of animal activists - including the Primate Rescue Center.

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