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What You Need To Know About That ‘Cute’ Lemur Video

Erika Fleury April 27, 2016

Anthropology professor Barbara J. King explains why a recent viral video featuring children petting a lemur is neither cute nor heartwarming.

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U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service Approves Yerkes Chimpanzee Export to Unaccredited U.K. Zoo Despite U.S.

Erika Fleury April 25, 2016

The New England Anti-Vivisection Society and a coalition of sanctuaries and chimpanzee experts, filed suit against the U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service in response to its Thursday (April 21) decision to grant Yerkes National Primate Research Center a permit to export eight endangered chimpanzees -- Abby, Agatha, Elvira, Faye, Fritz, Lucas, Tara and Georgia -- to Wingham Wildlife Park, an unaccredited commercial zoo in Kent, England. 

As succinctly stated by April Truitt, Director of Primate Rescue Center, "These animals have suffered enough. They deserve to go to sanctuary."

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Monkey Kept Alone In Garage Was So Depressed He Kept Hurting Himself

Erika Fleury April 25, 2016

Jersey, a brown capuchin monkey, was kept as a house pet for nine years … and it nearly ruined him. Learn how the Primate Rescue Center helped save Jersey.

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Many ‘Retired’ NIH Research Chimps are Seriously Ill, Government Report Says

Erika Fleury April 20, 2016

The National Institutes of Health announced three years ago that hundreds of chimpanzees it held for medical research would be retired to a Louisiana sanctuary. Last year, it said that a last remaining colony of 50 chimps would also spend its final years in the sanctuary.

But the process of transferring chimps from three research labs in New Mexico and Texas — where some have been deliberately infected with hepatitis and other diseases — has been sluggish.

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Monkey Pet Trade Is ‘Tragic And Out Of Control’

Erika Fleury April 20, 2016

Urgent welfare reforms are required to ensure the physical and psychological needs of primates are met, according to activists. A petition calling for new laws providing better standards of care for monkeys kept as pets in the UK has been handed to Downing Street.

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What I Learned From Tickling Apes

Erika Fleury April 09, 2016

Famed primatologist Frans de Waal shares his thoughts on primate behavior and the utility - and not avoidance of - anthropomorphism.

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Free Candy: Louisiana Chimpanzee is Center of Landmark Lawsuit

Erika Fleury April 04, 2016

Locally famous chimp is the focal point of first federal lawsuit filed using new rules to place captive chimpanzees under protection of Endangered Species Act

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