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Zoo Stands by Decision to Kill Gorilla Amid Activists’ Outcry

Erika Fleury May 31, 2016

Animal behaviorists and advocates say it wasn’t clear if a western lowland gorilla was poised to harm a 4-year-old boy who entered his exhibit before the gorilla was shot dead by Cincinnati Zoo staff, a decision the zoo defended yesterday amid a vigil and social media outcry. Read more, including a quote from PRC associate Erika Fleury.

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Tommy the Chimpanzee who Features in Documentary Reported Missing

Erika Fleury May 30, 2016

A chimpanzee at the center of a new animal rights documentary by an Oscar-winning filmmaker has been reported missing from his cage at a Michigan zoo.

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To Avoid Adverse Ruling Yerkes Agrees Not To Export Chimpanzees, Full Case To Be Decided in Sept.

Erika Fleury May 25, 2016

Judge Ketanji Brown Jackson of the Federal District Court for the District of Columbia held a three-hour hearing on a motion for a preliminary injunction, filed May 9, against the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service by the New England Anti-Vivisection Society and its coalition of sanctuaries and chimpanzee experts, to stop Yerkes National Primate Research Center from exporting eight (now seven) captive chimpanzees to an unaccredited zoo in the U.K., Wingham Wildlife Park. 

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Grieving Monkey Mourns His Mate

Erika Fleury May 25, 2016

A group of researchers in China got a chance to not only glimpse the aftermath of a loss, but the events leading up to it as well. It’s an event that they say provides important insights into animals’ conception of death and loss.

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Saving Cobra: The Rescue of an Orphaned Chimpanzee

Erika Fleury May 09, 2016

The tip came late at night and left Bernard Iyomi with a difficult choice.

Iyomi, a veteran of the Democratic Republic of Congo's conservation agency, the ICCN, is the chief of the local force in the remote town of Bili. When it comes to wildlife protection in this town, and in the 12-thousand square miles of forest than surrounds it, the barrel-chested Iyomi has extraordinary powers. But the information he received, that a baby chimpanzee was held captive, tied to a post on an army base, put him in a difficult position

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The Sexy, Happy Apes We Might Have Been

Erika Fleury May 09, 2016

Something like 2 million years ago, evolution gave the world a gift that's still sitting there wrapped in a bow. The problem is that it was delivered to the wrong address; we humans didn't get it.

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Chantek the Orangutan ‘Buried Alive’ in Atlanta Zoo After Being Raised to Communicate as Human

Erika Fleury May 07, 2016

Chantek the orangutan is languishing in an Atlanta zoo, and the sign language he was proficient at while growing up among humans lies wasted.

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