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Lemur that Bit Toddler is ‘In Custody,’ Its Owner Facing Charges

Erika Fleury July 21, 2016

With its now-former owner facing criminal charges, the illegal pet lemur that bit a 2-year-old in Nederland, Colorado has been turned over to Colorado Parks and Wildlife and likely is destined for a primate sanctuary in Florida.

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Ape Escape: How Travelling Broadens the Minds of Chimps

Erika Fleury July 19, 2016

Travel is said to broaden the mind and it appears the same can be said for our primate cousins chimpanzees.

More than seven years of research has discovered that chimps who 'travel' and journey farther into their surroundings on a daily basis than their peers are more likely to use tools to forage for food.

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Scientists Unearthed a Trove of 700-Year-Old Stone Tools — Used by Monkeys

Erika Fleury July 11, 2016

A new study by scientists at the University of Oxford determined that monkeys have been opening cashews with stones in Brazil for seven centuries — long before Christopher Columbus arrived in the Americas to claim it as the New World.

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​No Monkey Left Behind: The Celebrities Who Have Given Their Pets Away

Erika Fleury July 07, 2016

When living creatures are the season's hottest new accessory, until they're not.

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