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A Disturbing Dispute Over Laboratory Chimpanzees’ Retirement To Sanctuary At Chimp Haven

Erika Fleury October 26, 2016

At Chimp Haven in Louisiana, preparations continue to make it ready for over 300 chimpanzees who gradually are being released from federal biomedical laboratories, to begin their retired lives in sanctuary. But if the National Association for Biomedical Research had had its way, the chimpanzees would not be living out (or soon living out) their days in the 200 acres of Louisiana woodland. Instead they would have remained confined in the laboratories at places like the Keeling Center for Comparative Medicine and Research in Bastrop, Texas, and the Southwest National Primate Research Center in San Antonio, Texas, where they were used, sometimes for decades, in research experiments.

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Camera Traps Catch Chimpanzee Moms Teaching Their Children

Erika Fleury October 20, 2016

A paper published in Scientific Reports last week documents — for the first time — that wild chimpanzee behavior meets the scientific criteria for teaching.

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Monkey Still Missing from Rotterdam, NY Home

Erika Fleury October 14, 2016

It’s been four long weeks for Leona Wilsey, but she hasn’t given up hope yet that Austin, a black-capped capuchin monkey, will return to her Rotterdam home safe and sound.

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Wilmore Rescue Center May Take on More Primates

Erika Fleury October 05, 2016

The Jessamine Journal reports that funding is limited for the Primate Rescue Center. However, with 600 lab chimps being nationally distributed to rescue centers, the PRC is willing to take on some of the 100 chimps who have not yet been distributed.

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