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Speedy Monkeys Fly through Area

Erika Fleury December 30, 2016

One of the more unusual stories to break during the last 12 months dealt with monkeys that mysteriously began turning up across the county and, just as mysteriously, disappeared.

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American Greetings Pulls its Chimpanzee Greeting Cards, at PETA’s Request

Erika Fleury December 21, 2016

In response to criticism from PETA about featuring chimpanzees on some of its greeting cards, American Greetings Corp. said it is pulling those cards and purging stock images from its files that feature a popular chimpanzee named "Connor."

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How to Tell the Difference Between a Credible Exotic Animal Sanctuary & an Abusive Animal Attraction

Erika Fleury December 11, 2016

The number of exotic animals being held in captivity in the U.S. is astounding. Not only are there more tigers in American backyards than there are in the wild, but there are also countless other animals being kept in zoos, circuses, and exotic animal attractions.

Due to a lack of legislation in place to protect these wild animals, many are bought and sold like commodities across national networks and sadly wind up in highly abusive situations. On the other side, there are many amazing, reputable exotic animal sanctuaries that are dedicated to providing a safe haven for rescued or injured animals.

Knowing the difference between faux sanctuaries and reputable ones is the key to making sure that you are not contributing to the abuse and exploitation of animals.

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