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What Really Made Primate Brains So Big?

Erika Fleury March 29, 2017

A new study suggests that fruit, not social relationships, could be the main driver of larger brains.

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Precedent in Chimpanzee Rights Case Could Backfire on Humans: Lawyer

Erika Fleury March 17, 2017

An attorney fighting for chimpanzees to someday have legal rights of their own told a New York court Thursday that it would be dangerous not to grant the primates the capacity for rights.

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Monkey Seized During Laconia Property Search

Erika Fleury March 06, 2017

State conservation officers are looking for a new home for a monkey seized during a search of a Laconia, New Hampshire property Monday afternoon.

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New Dwarf Primate Found, Is Giant Among Its Kin

Erika Fleury March 01, 2017

Sharp-eared researchers have detected the sounds of a previously undescribed species of dwarf bush baby deep in the African jungle. Native to Angola, the six-inch-long mammal may be already endangered, scientists say.

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