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Capuchin Monkeys

Capuchins live throughout a wide range of Central America and South America, as far south as northern Argentina. These clever, agile, and powerfully built New World monkeys, who weigh about 3 to 9 pounds, are identified by fur ranging from light tan to dark brown and long, thick prehensile tails, which they use to wrap around branches. In the wild, the foot-and-a-half-tall omnivores typically travel in groups as large as about 3 dozen, foraging for everything from fruits and seeds to insects, birds, lizards, and even small mammals. This ongoing search for food is aided by the capuchins’ rare talent for making and using tools: they use sticks to catch ants and stones to hammer open palm nuts. At night they retreat high into the forest trees, safe from the jaguars below and, with luck, the hawks and harpy eagles who stalk them from above.

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Primate Pals

Get to know one of our residents while supporting his or her daily needs through a symbolic adoption.

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Cost of care: $15/day
Size 12 to 22 inches
Weight 3 to 9 pounds
Lifespan 40 years
Habitat Forests
Diet Fruit, seeds, insects, birds, lizards

Our Residents

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