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The rhesus monkey, as this familiar Old World monkey is often known, is said to be native to more territory across the planet than any primate but humans—a range that stretches from Afghanistan and Pakistan in the west to India, Nepal, Thailand, China, and other nearby countries. In fact, these medium-sized monkeys have successfully adapted to grasslands, woodlands, mountains, swamps, and nearly every other sort of environment, including urban areas, where they’re not shy about pestering humans for leftover sandwiches and other handouts. In their more natural environments, where they occupy both the land and trees, they’re partial to leaves and other vegetation. With their brownish coats and pink, hairless faces, rhesus macaques are among the most familiar of all monkeys, their place in history secured after NASA put them aboard rockets during the early days of the space program. They’re also extensively used in medical research.

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Cost of care: $15/day
Size 18 to 20 inches
Weight 12 to 17 pounds
Lifespan 25 years
Habitat Grasslands, woodlands, mountains, swamps
Diet Leaves and other vegetation

Our Residents

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