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Monkey Bread Recipe

April Truitt December 12, 2010 Comments (11)

There are many conflicting theories about how “Monkey Bread” got it’s name, but the one thing everyone can agree on: it’s delicious! This easy recipe is a PRC staff favorite - great at holiday time or anytime! Grab the kids and a few simple ingredients and you’ll have a yummy treat in no time. Feel free to add your own special twist, and share it here.

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You HAVE Arrived!

April Truitt December 12, 2010 Comments (6)

Welcome to our new and much-improved website. We’re excited to have the opportunity to provide you with fresh content and regular updates on all things “primate.” I hope you’ll find the site a useful tool in learning more about primates in general, and the work of the Primate Rescue Center in particular. So sit back, have a look around, and check back often for updates.

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