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Panels for Primates??

Jenny Compton March 11, 2011 Comments (44)

Last fall we received an unusual phone call from Canadian artist Troy Wilson. He explained that he wanted to create a charity comic anthology to benefit the Primate Rescue Center. Each week would feature a new primate themed comic by both well-known and up-and-coming creators. Visitors to the site would be encouraged to make a donation to the Primate Rescue Center.

After taking a moment for the information and idea to absorb, we let him know that we were thrilled to be part of such a creative idea!

The first comic for Panels for Primates was launched October 6, 2010 on So far 23 comic strips by 36 different creators have been posted, with new ones coming out each week. We estimate that more than $300 has been donated and we have had countless visitors to our website due to this unique endeavor.   

The comics are very entertaining and the creativity is amazing. We are very thankful to Troy Wilson and the many contributors of Panels for Primates for featuring the PRC. They have found a truly unique way to share information about the plight of primates and introduced the PRC to a completely new audience.

Make sure you bookmark the site so you can read each new comic and enjoy the ones you may have missed.

Great Apes in Entertainment: No Laughing Matter

April Truitt February 09, 2011

Judging from the backlash CareerBuilder has received for reviving their exploitive use of chimpanzees in their recent Super Bowl ad - I was not the only one disgusted to see Great Apes returning to the Super Bowl ad line-up after a four year hiatus. We've featured several relevant articles and editorials on our In the News page.

It was no surprise when the usual suspects - PETA & HSUS - were among the loudest voices condemning the abusive practice of using apes as actors. But when the brave folks at Advertising Age stepped up and called out CareerBuilder for their poor decision making, I couldn't help but jump up and cheer!

We rightly expect the big humane groups to be familiar with the cruel practices surrounding the acquisition and disposal of Great Apes in entertainment - that's their world. However, when a major ad industry trade publication points out that eighteen ad agencies have agreed to stop using live apes in the commercials they produce, well that starts to feel like real progress.

It's simply no longer fashionable - or funny - to use and abuse our closest cousins in this way.

In the not-to-distant future, I fully expect that we'll see a complete end to the exploitation of Great Apes as entertainers.

In the meantime, please do your part:
DON'T patronize companies who exploit animals to sell goods or services;
DO tell them why you won't be buying what they're selling;
DON'T attend circuses who use Great Apes or other performing animals;
DO tell your friends and family why they shouldn't attend either;
DON'T hesitate to applaud and support vendors and service providers whose marketing practices you agree with;
DO be loud and proud - the "Good Guys" need to know you care!

So Hard To Say Goodbye

Eileen Dunnington January 31, 2011 Comments (18)

Caring for primates in the sanctuary setting is full of highs and lows. We rejoice when an introduction is successful - when formerly isolated pets find companionship and flourish under our care. The staff and volunteers at the PRC form very close and special bonds with the primates they care for and work tirelessly to provide the highest quality of care at all stages of our primates’ lives.

Unfortunately, working with living creatures means we also must deal with our grief when one of our friends passes away. Unlike domesticated pets, even critically ill primates often will not tolerate frequent injections, IV lines, and other stressful – but lifesaving - treatments. However, we do have the ability to make their final days with us as enriching, loving, and fulfilling as possible.

We were devastated to learn recently that Booger, one of our beloved spider monkeys, is in the final stages of kidney failure. Since receiving this sad news, the PRC staff has moved him to the main building where we can shower him with love, attention, and all the tasty treats he wants. He seems to be enjoying the extra special care and squeals with happiness whenever someone walks into the room. We can sense that he knows just how special he is to all of us.

Booger has lived at the Primate Rescue Center for 17 years, spending his days with fellow spider monkeys Bisou, Chester and Dehlia. He has an unforgettable personality and always brings a smile to the face of anyone who meets him. Booger loves to sit in the sun and groom his buddies, run down the length of his cage to chase the golf cart, and bounce up and down on a squeaky toy while chirping and whistling for attention. Booger is known for his unmistakable squeals of joy, his round little potbelly, and his kind face. He also has strikingly beautiful stormy eyes that are an unusual deep grayish blue color.

Booger will always hold a very special place in our hearts. We cherish his final days with us, and feel fortunate each morning when we hear his friendly whistling greeting and get to spoil him just a little while longer.

Southsider & Chevy Chaser Features PRC

Jenny Compton December 22, 2010 Comments (9)

The Primate Rescue Center is honored to be one of five charities chosen for the Smiley Pete Publishing Annual Give Guide. Volunteers were encouraged to submit essays describing their experience and selected charities are featured in the Southsider and Chevy Chaser magazines on the stands now.

Ellen Furlong shared her story of the impact that volunteering at the PRC had on her life. When she began her service in her freshman year at Transylvania University, Ellen wanted to pursue a career working with animals but had no interest in being a vet. After her first visit to the PRC she was hooked. Now, ten years later, she is Dr. Ellen Furlong, and is studying primate cognition at Yale University.

The managing editor was so impressed with her story and the PRC that we are featured on the cover of the Southsider magazine. You can read the full article at Smiley Pete's Website.

Many thanks to Ellen and Smiley Pete Publishing for this wonderful article.

Can We Wrap That For You?

April Truitt December 12, 2010 Comments (1)

Primate Rescue Center staffers and volunteers will be staffing the “Charity Gift Wrap” Station at Joseph-Beth Booksellers at The Mall at Lexington Green on Thursday, December 23 - ALL DAY from 9am to 10pm. This is one of our favorite and most popular community fundraisers, so DO save some of your shopping until the last minute and come see us.

Monkey Bread Recipe

April Truitt December 12, 2010 Comments (11)

There are many conflicting theories about how “Monkey Bread” got it’s name, but the one thing everyone can agree on: it’s delicious! This easy recipe is a PRC staff favorite - great at holiday time or anytime! Grab the kids and a few simple ingredients and you’ll have a yummy treat in no time. Feel free to add your own special twist, and share it here.

Read more.

You HAVE Arrived!

April Truitt December 12, 2010 Comments (6)

Welcome to our new and much-improved website. We’re excited to have the opportunity to provide you with fresh content and regular updates on all things “primate.” I hope you’ll find the site a useful tool in learning more about primates in general, and the work of the Primate Rescue Center in particular. So sit back, have a look around, and check back often for updates.

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