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Our Sweet Suzie - Rest In Peace

Jenny Compton January 26, 2012

It is with great sadness and a heavy heart that we share with you the passing of our dear Suzie.

Suzie was an olive baboon who arrived at the PRC in October of 2009 after more than 20 years of social isolation in a private home. After authorities intervened, she arrived at our sanctuary extremely underweight, with undiagnosed diabetes, and ghostly pale from lack of exposure to the sun. We quickly set about treating her diabetes with proper diet and medication. As her health gradually improved, we were able to introduce her to other primates. She enjoyed spending her afternoons basking in the sunshine, her skin darkening so she resembled her wild counterparts.

Unfortunately, the many years that her diabetes went undiagnosed and untreated took their toll. Ultimately, the effects of this horrible disease were more than her body could overcome. Suzie passed away peacefully on January 23, surrounded by staff who loved her, and with the warmth of the sun shining on her.

As we mourn her loss, we wanted to remember her at her happiest and share some of our favorite photos of her here.

In loving memory of Suzie


By Emma Cook on February 17, 2012

Oh dear, I missed olive baboon. Hope Suzie was looks like my Monty. I love her amazingly. He live in my heart. Thanks for remind me again

By Matt Lampard on February 21, 2012

Why was that social isolation in a private home? Is it something common among baboons?  What damages did that disease diabetes to Suzie?

By NazarMons on February 27, 2012

I’d like to thank you with regard to your blog page. You’ve got plenty of fascinating information consequently website is great.

By Kelly Milner Halls on March 16, 2012

My heart is broken to know Suzie has slipped away.  But I am so glad she had her wonderful days with Bob and Caleb and the compassionate team at the Primate Rescue.  I will do my best to tell their story well to honor her memory.

By Dottie Mortimer on March 28, 2012

Its sad to hear about the death of your beloved Suzie. I know that your beloved Suzie rest in peace already and she will be happy wherever she is.

By Mary Yung on March 29, 2012

Heart breaking news indeed! I personally don’t know Suzie but I feel terrible knowing about her death. In this fact we can’t do anything except praying for her soul. God bless her soul!

By sharon miller on March 29, 2012

I found an article about Suzie the Baboon, which broke my heart I saved the article from oct 09 for some reason finding it in my art studio moments ago I decided to check up on Suzie, I was glad that your sanctuary saved her but the isolation she endured was the worst thing I’d heard of in a long time I’m sorry to hear that Suzie has passed on I couldn’t find the facts in reguards to her death or date of her death I’d like to find these things out so that I can remember Suzie always I’ve rescued dogs for about 12 yrs starting w/ a golden retriver jumping into my delivery truck while at work & not able to find his family the aspca in kenton ky said hes my dog after 3 days thus I moved into the country w/ my mom so I could keep the dog, & after that we ended up rescueing a total of 6 dogs from aspca & off the rd. side. the 3 oldest hasve passed on in past 2 yrs most recent was wk march 18 2012 dutchess she was 13 the oldest one lived to be 18 I rescued her when I worked as a vet tech she’d been beaten severly I assisted w/ 3 surgeries on her hips &  back legs she was up for adoption as she lived at the vet hosp growled & showed teeth to everyone esp. kids & men w/ dark hair she followed me around so I knew that the only home that would suit her was my home she lived as long as she could but her bodily functions were beyond her controll having to wear diapers & have a sitter 24/7 unable to get off the floor w/ out assistance so the story re: Suzie being neglected socially isolated was as bad as beating an animal in my opinion sp. w/ her being a social creature in the wild are any of the animals you rescue able to be put back out into the wild ? I hope so & I ask that you’ll reply to my letter thank you for what your doing financially I’m unable to help as I’m disabled living in disability but would be happy to help in some other way if it’s telemarketing from home to send out info for your cause I live in Brown county oh can’t drive highways so if there’s anything I can do outta my home via phone or internet please let me know Sharon Miller my mailing address is 3446 Kyle Ln. Mount Orab Oh. 45154 sincerely Ms. Sharon D. Miller

By sharon miller on March 29, 2012

please let me know if there’s anything I can do from my home to help this cause as recently in my state there were many exotic animals let lose by a man who was mulled by a tigar after thier release I’m certain your aware of the story of all the animals having to be killed for the safety of the community in Ohio these things need to be prevented people need to know what to watch for if a neighbor may have illegal animals in thier home secretly I think of proverbs 12:10 when I think of these innocent creatures that God created ea. one for its purpose if we lose a species we lose many to follow please email me thus I can give my current address to recieve any info. you may have for me to help thanks again for all the hard work & I’m greatful that some people still care & have love in thier hearts

By Matt Lampard on March 30, 2012

Suzie the Baboon article brokes our heart, we have all saved their articles.

By Bent Lawson on March 31, 2012

Its really a very shocking news. I wasn’t expect this. May her soul rest in peace.

By Jane on April 03, 2012

This is totally unexpected news I get here right now. She was such amazing person, May god give her peace at Heaven.

By Mary Frank on April 05, 2012

In a sanctuary curing each species perfectly is a tough job but I think you gave your best effort for Suzie. Feeling sorry for her and hope you’ll continue your task to save the rest primates.

By permi on April 05, 2012

we saw her pics on facebook

By Mary Yung on April 17, 2012

Sorry for Suzie! Though you tried your best but couldn’t save the baboon. But I feel happy to see your maximum attempt to save the animal where we are being so indifferent about our surrounding. Good luck for you.

By Sherwin Chen on April 23, 2012

It is always sad to hear of such news, but I am sure you guys did your best to ease her agony and give her a good life. I respect you for it, and mourn for your loss as well.


By Phillip Smith on August 10, 2012

Suzie was a great baboon, we’ll miss Suzie all of us!

By Ava on March 23, 2015

Me and our class read this. We are also donating! When we asked the teacher why don’t we see Susie so my friend searched suzie and we saw the worst thing ever me and my best friend almost cried we all were heartbroken! We could not Believe it!

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