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What’s for Lunch?

Laura Clifford July 02, 2016

One of the things we do everyday is prepare lunch and dinner for our chimps and monkeys. Each recipe we use follows specific nutritional guidelines, and they are always packed full of fresh fruits and veggies. We prepare these recipes in the mornings and portion them out into single servings for each resident to enjoy later that day. For our residents, food is not only a necessary part of life; it is also a form of enrichment. The chimps and monkeys are always eager to see what recipe they will get to try for lunch, and they are very vocal about how much they enjoy it! On nice summer days the chimps will usually take their lunch and eat outside, and some of them like to sit in front of the fans and eat their food together as a group.  Food preparation is such a big part of what we do during the day, and we love to use our creativity to make new recipes that our residents will enjoy!

Here is an example of a lunch recipe our residents recently enjoyed:

Kale Fruit Salad

~ 10 cups kale
~ 8 cups strawberries
~ 4 cups oranges
~ 1 cup carrot juice
~ 6 cups sunflower seeds


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