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April Truitt December 12, 2010

Welcome to our new and much-improved website. We’re excited to have the opportunity to provide you with fresh content and regular updates on all things “primate.” I hope you’ll find the site a useful tool in learning more about primates in general, and the work of the Primate Rescue Center in particular. So sit back, have a look around, and check back often for updates.


By Janet Gengelbach on December 16, 2010

Love the new website!
We are so greatful for you & all you do!

Janet & David

By Melissa F. on December 17, 2010

The new website is fantastic! It seems much more in keeping with several other similar organizations websites that I freqently check out. I love the updated bios of all the chimps and monkeys. Thank you for all of the hard work that your entire staff does to take such great care of these animals.

By Melissa on December 17, 2010

Well I am back on your website again today. I was so touched that you had a memorial page and I loved reading again about Petey’s story. I remember seeing him for the first time shortly after his arrival and didn’t think he would last very long. He was lying in his enclosure under a heat lamp cluthcing the plush basket ball. I was so impressed and excited to see him just a few months later housed with the other spider monkeys! His recovery really is a testament to what an amazing facility you have and the high level of care that your staff provides.

By Caryn on January 08, 2011

The site looks great!

By Tara Frickles on February 20, 2012

I am happy to arrived to your new and upgraded website. I know that its not easy to make this new and more upgrade website of your.

By Jake on April 18, 2012

Hey there people. I am hoping you got an outstanding Easter time holiday and spent some time along with your family. I genuinely enjoy your web-site and i will continue to keep coming here. My name is Jake

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