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Ape Attack At Canary Islands Zoo: Chimpanzees Escape Enclosure And Injure Three People

Erika Fleury June 28, 2015

Chaos broke out at a Canary Island zoo when three chimpanzees escaped their enclosure and attacked three staff members as tourists looked on in horror. Two of the chimpanzees were shot dead by police with the third living through the ordeal.

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Have a Drink, Help a Primate

Erika Fleury June 17, 2015

Lexington-based West Sixth Brewing is crafting beer to benefit six non-profit organizations across Kentucky, including the Primate Rescue Center that sits on 30 acres in Jessamine County.

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U.S. Will Call All Chimps ‘Endangered’

Erika Fleury June 12, 2015

All chimpanzees will be designated as endangered under the Endangered Species Act, the United States Fish and Wildlife Service announced Friday.

Read more of the New York Times' coverage of this historic event - including an interview by the PRC's consultant, Erika Fleury!

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USDA Inspects Monkey Farm After PETA Video Shows Poor Conditions

Erika Fleury June 02, 2015

Federal officials inspected a Hendry County, FL monkey farm last week after a seven-minute undercover video showing alleged mistreatment of animals at Primate Products was passed to the U.S. Department of Agriculture.

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Harvard Primate Lab’s End Puzzles Researchers

Erika Fleury May 29, 2015

At the end of May, the long history of the New England Primate Research Center will come to an abrupt end as Harvard takes the unusual step — one that is baffling to many researchers — to close the Southborough facility.

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Chimpanzees in Liberia, Used in New York Blood Center Research, Face Uncertain Future

Erika Fleury May 28, 2015

After about 30 years of using a colony of chimpanzees in Liberia for biomedical research, which ended 10 years ago, the New York Blood Center has now withdrawn all funding for them, prompting animal welfare groups to urge the center to reconsider its decision.

For now, the Humane Society of the United States is supporting the chimps, which are owned by the government of Liberia, and is starting a campaign to raise funds for them.

Please help the abandoned chimpanzees of Liberia by donating towards their care, and signing a petition asking the New York Blood Center to to fulfill their promise of lifetime care for the chimpanzees.

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Arguing in Court Whether 2 Chimps Have the Right to ‘Bodily Liberty’

Erika Fleury May 27, 2015

A New York state judge heard arguments today on whether chimpanzees can be considered persons with some legal rights, as advocates seeking to free two chimps in captivity on Long Island asserted they were “autonomous beings” and compared their plight to that of human slaves.

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Local Animal Rights Attorney at Center of Great Ape Debate over Captive Chimps

Erika Fleury May 21, 2015

Should chimpanzees — complex creatures with thoughts, feelings and the smarts to learn sign language — have the right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness?

Steven Wise, a prominent animal rights attorney from Coral Springs, has bet his career on it.

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Petition Seeks Better Treatment of Monkeys

Erika Fleury May 16, 2015

Animal welfare activists have scored several victories in recent years in their efforts to mandate better treatment of chimpanzees. Now they are asking a federal agency to make similar changes to the housing and treatment of monkeys.

Click to read about how the PRC is involved in this important effort to improve the lives of primates in research - including quotes from the PRC's Founder and Executive Director, April Truitt.

Click here to comment on the petition to the USDA. Every word helps - speak up and share your thoughts!

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Rare, Endangered Monkeys Stolen from French Zoo

Erika Fleury May 14, 2015

A zoo in France is appealing to the public for help to find 17 rare and endangered monkeys that were stolen over the weekend.

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