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Chimps Still Stuck in Research Labs Despite Promise of Retirement

Erika Fleury February 15, 2015

Despite a promise more than a year and half ago by the National Institutes of Health to retire the vast majority of government research chimpanzees to sanctuaries, hundreds of chimps are still being held for potential medical experimentation, many of them aging and intentionally infected with HIV or hepatitis.

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Is this South America’s First Monkey?

Erika Fleury February 15, 2015

Fossils found in Amazon may be the first primates to cross the Atlantic from Africa. Palaeontologists have named the new species Perupithecus ucayaliensis.

Its fossilised teeth were discovered on a river bank in Santa Rosa, Peru. The teeth are unlike any New World monkey but resemble those in Africa. The 36 million years old fossil suggests monkeys travelled from Africa to South America around 10 million years earlier than previously thought.

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The Many Ways We Misinterpret Animal Behavior

Erika Fleury February 08, 2015

Naturalist and author Sy Montgomery reveals some common errors made by well-intentioned people in regards to animal behavior. 

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Rescued Baby Orangutan Shines Light on Cruel, Illegal Pet Trade

Erika Fleury February 06, 2015

The plight of an emaciated, possibly crippled baby orangutan has brought worldwide attention this week to the cruel practices that resulted in the endangered ape spending the first 10 months of his life in a chicken cage in Borneo.

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Pet Monkey Bites Woman at Bank

Erika Fleury February 04, 2015

A Texas bank employee is on medication and under observation after being bitten by a customer’s monkey.

Click to read more about this article, with video link, featuring our friends at Primarily Primates (another sanctuary who works with the PRC through our joint involvement with the North American Primate Sanctuary Alliance.)

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Ebola Has Crushed Gorilla and Chimp Populations

Erika Fleury February 02, 2015

Writing at, Meera Inglis, a PhD. in conservation policy at the University of Sheffield, calls attention to a perhaps little known, or not often considered, fact: The Ebola virus has put a sizable dent in Africa's great ape populations.

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Butte Woman Scammed While Trying to Purchase Monkey Online

Erika Fleury February 02, 2015

A Butte, Montana woman got caught up in some monkey business last week.

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Legislation Would Ban Pet Monkeys in Virginia

Erika Fleury January 23, 2015

One Hampton Roads, VA lawmaker isn't monkeying around in this year's General Assembly session.

Pet monkeys would be banned in Virginia under legislation proposed by state Sen. Lynwood Lewis, D-Accomac. His legislation, SB1315, would end future purchases and breeding of nonhuman primates in homes or at what the Humane Society calls "roadside zoos."

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Monkey See, Monkey Forced to Do

Erika Fleury January 23, 2015

A recently introduced Senate bill threatens to further legitimize Helping Hands, an outdated and inhumane primate “training facility” located in Boston, when it should be shut down permanently.

Read more to hear from the PRC's Co-Founder and Executive Director, April Truitt!

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Another Court Denies Legal Rights for a Chimpanzee

Erika Fleury January 18, 2015

For the third time in less than a year, a historic bid for legal rights for chimpanzees has been denied. On Friday, a New York state appeals court upheld a lower court’s ruling that Kiko, a chimp owned by a couple in Niagara Falls, is not a legal person with a right to be free, or at least less-imprisoned.

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