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Cambridge Researchers Discover Breakthrough in Chimpanzee Behavior

Erika Fleury October 13, 2014

The first recorded evidence of new behaviour being adopted and transmitted from individual to individual within a wild chimpanzee colony has been published in the latest edition of the journal PLOS Biology.

Chimpanzees are widely considered to be the most 'cultural' of all non-human animals, but most previous studies examining how behaviour is transmitted have been carried out among captive populations. Here, for the first time, the researchers could track in real time how a new natural behaviour was passed from individual to individual in a wild community.

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America’s Chimp Problem: Where Should Laboratory Apes Go to Retire?

Erika Fleury September 29, 2014

America has had a chimp problem for decades....Despite the NIH decision 15 months ago—and the fact that the government already spends about $1.8 million a year to keep chimpanzees at Chimp Haven—officials are making no promises that the 300-plus newly retired chimps are headed to the Louisiana sanctuary or to any other sanctuary anytime soon.

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Chimps Raised as Pets and Performers Suffer Long-Term Social Handicaps, Study Finds

Erika Fleury September 23, 2014

It goes without saying that a chimpanzee raised to interact with humans will act differently than other chimps. But according to new research, those effects can last for decades after a chimp is moved to a healthy sanctuary — and being the pet of a loving family (which is legal in most states) could actually be worse for the animals than working as performers.

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Lethal Violence in Chimps Occurs Naturally, Study Suggests

Erika Fleury September 20, 2014

Are chimpanzees naturally violent to one another, or has the intrusion of humans into their environment made them aggressive?

A study published Wednesday in Nature is setting off a new round of debate on the issue.

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Monkey Leaders and Followers Have ‘Specialized Brains’

Erika Fleury September 17, 2014

Monkeys at the top and bottom of the social pecking order have physically different brains, research has found.

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Young Monkey Has Home in Kentucky After Being Bought Illegally

Erika Fleury September 17, 2014

Animal control officials say a northern Kentucky woman made an expensive mistake when she spent $4,000 to buy a monkey, only to later realize it was illegal to have it as a pet in Kentucky. Animal control brought the monkey to Lexington and gave him to workers of the Primate Rescue Center. The monkey will now live at the Jessamine County facility.

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Boom in Retiring Lab Chimpanzees Fills New Sanctuaries With Apes

Erika Fleury September 15, 2014

The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service will soon be announcing its decision on a proposal that all chimpanzees—even those privately owned and in captivity—be listed as endangered.

If the ruling is enacted, public and privately financed researchers will likely be required to obtain permits for any experiments that harm chimpanzees, and will have to show that their experiments contribute to the survival of chimpanzees in the wild.

Whether chimps are listed as endangered or not, more and more of them can look forward to a home in a sanctuary alongside other chimpanzees, with plenty of good food, things to do, and choices to make. And above all, the chance at long last to simply be a chimpanzee.

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After Ten Years in Solitary, Monkey Gets ‘Parole’

Erika Fleury September 09, 2014

Click to read the story of Maggie, a former pet macaque who was rehabilitated here at the Primate Rescue Center and is now happily and finally living a more species-appropriate life.

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Five New Monkey Species ID’d in South American Forests

Erika Fleury September 09, 2014

Five new monkey species have just been added to the animal record books, according to a new study.

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Monkey an Online Hit, but Experts Fear She is Doomed to a Life Alone

Erika Fleury August 23, 2014

It's a bleak picture for the tiny, 10lb Texas primate whose fan base has grown by a thousand just today.

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