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Time Running Out for Rarest Primate

Erika Fleury April 14, 2014

China’s wildlife conservation efforts are under scrutiny as scientists battle to save a species found only in a tiny corner of an island in the South China Sea. The Hainan gibbon is the world’s rarest primate and its long-term survival is in jeopardy, according to an analysis.

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Liberia is Home to World’s Second Largest Chimpanzee Population, Study Reveals

Erika Fleury April 10, 2014

Liberia has one of the world's largest populations of Western chimpanzees, according to a new study by the Max Planck Institute for Evolutionary Anthropology. However, the primates may become increasingly threatened as deforestation occurs throughout the nation.

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Sneezin’ in the Rain: New Monkey Discovered

Erika Fleury March 26, 2014

Almost by definition, species unknown to science are often tough to track down. But researchers seeking out a new species of primate in northern Myanmar were assured by locals that the monkeys aren't hard to find at all. You just have to wait for it to rain.

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Chimps Put People Ahead of Baboons

Erika Fleury March 14, 2014

Chimpanzees that have had positive experiences with humans appear to trust people more than they do baboons and unfamiliar chimps, a new study suggests.

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Spider Monkeys Are the Only Other Primate Species That Segregates by Sex

Erika Fleury March 14, 2014

If you’ve ever been separated from the opposite sex, you’ve experienced something that nearly no other primate species has. For a long time, humans were the only primate species we knew of that ever systematically separates society along sex lines. But now we have a companion in the “boys/girls are gross” world: the spider monkey.

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Say Cheese! Similarities of Human, Primate Expressions

Erika Fleury March 08, 2014

A study in the latest issue of Biology Letters shows that human facial expressions are very similar to those of other primates, and are produced in similar ways.

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Life of a Trained Monkey in Pakistan

Erika Fleury February 23, 2014

Performing monkeys are a common feature of life in many Pakistani cities where they can be seen doing tricks and entertaining people while dressed up in sparkly outfits and clothes....But animal rights activists criticize the practice of training monkeys to perform.

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Monkey Business

Erika Fleury February 18, 2014

A Batesville, Arkansas mother wanting a special gift for her kids is dealing with bitter disappointment after getting mixed up in some real monkey business.

They don't sell capuchin monkeys at Petsmart, so one single mom with a passion for primates took her search for an exotic pet to the Internet. Like a jungle, that can be a dangerous place.

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Monkey Business: Rising Interest in Exotic Pets Sees Primate Ownership in England and Wales Soar

Erika Fleury February 08, 2014

The number of monkeys and other primates being kept as pets has soared to an estimated 9,000 animals in England and Wales as rising interest in exotic creatures fuels demand while the internet makes them easier to trade, according to the RSPCA.

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Merck Joins Companies Ending Chimpanzee Research

Erika Fleury February 01, 2014

Drugmaker Merck & Co. is joining two dozen other pharmaceutical companies and contract laboratories in committing to not use chimpanzees for research.

The growing trend could mean roughly 1,000 chimps in the U.S. used for research or warehoused for many years in laboratory cages could be "retired" to sanctuaries by around 2020.

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