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Georgia Wildlife Officials Searching for Primate Reported Loose in Albany Area

Erika Fleury August 19, 2016

The Georgia Department of Natural Resources (DNR) is urging caution after reports on August 19th that a small primate, possibly a Rhesus macaque, has been spotted on the loose near Albany, GA.

Andi is a rhesus macaque who was also found loose before he was brought to the PRC.

The origin of the primate is unknown, but Chehaw park officials said it is not a species that is at the Albany zoo. “It’s definitely not ours,” Morgan Burnette with Chehaw said Friday afternoon. “It’s not even a species that we have at the zoo.” Burnette said there had been no reports of any Chehaw primates missing.

Officials with DNR said they had received reports of a small primate spotted in the Albany area but did not have a location for the sightings. DNR officials said that if anyone spotted the primate, it should not be approached.

“This is a wild animal,” officials said in a news release. “It should not be approached or handled in any way. Due to public safety and health concerns, if anyone sees the animal, please call the Georgia Department of Natural Resources, Game Management Office in Albany at (229) 430-4254 or after normal business hours call the State Operations Center at 1 (800) 241-4113.”

Melissa Cummings, a DNR communication specialist, said Albany area wildlife management and law enforcement officials have been alerted about the reports. “That’s about as much as we know at this point. We’re not trying to get anyone into a panic,” she said. “But we’re certainly on ready if anyone reports it.”

- Albany Herald

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