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Marmosets visit Jessamine before being moved to Florida

Phil Hertzler October 01, 2010

We were proud to partner with the KY Department of Fish & Wildlife Resources when emergency housing and waystation services were needed for two confiscated marmoset monkeys. Giz and MoMo were imported into the state illegally by a Marion County resident in violation of 301KAR2:082. Acting on a tip, KDFWR Law Enforcement officers obtained a court order and removed the animals from the private residence. It has been illegal since 2005 to import a long list of inherently dangerous animals to the Commonwealth - including ALL non-human primates. Too fragile for KY’s cold winters, the marmosets will be transported to Jungle Friends Primate Sanctuary in Gainesville, FL where they will live out their lives in the company of other marmosets.

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