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Monkey Quarantined After Biting Target Employee

Erika Fleury August 13, 2015

With the help of social media, Bryant, Arkansas Animal Control has a primate in quarantine after it bit a woman.

According to officials, on August 8 around 6:25 p.m., a small primate bit a woman at the Alcoa Exchange Shopping Center.

The call went out over Facebook on Wednesday looking for a couple who brought a pet marmoset to a Target store in Bryant. Target store officials in Bryant confirmed to THV11 that a marmoset bit one of their employees over the weekend. Once Animal Control found out who owned the animal they sent a sheriff's deputy to bring them in.

Image courtesy KTHV

"Social media was the lifesaver here. We put the information out and within about 30-45 minutes we had the information that we needed," said Bryant Animal Control Director Tricia Power, adding that she has never seen a case like this in 20 years of working in animal control.

"They were very cooperative, very nice and brought the animal in to begin the quarantine," said Power. "We'll just be observing it to see if there's any signs of illness, especially rabies, that is a big concern."

"I did speak to the owner and she said that she feels it's a service animal because it does keep her busy and gives her something to focus on," Power added. "Under the ADA guidelines, only dogs and miniature horses are recognized as service animals."

Power also said that marmosets are legal pets, but they need to be registered with the county and state game and fish commission, and this one is not. She said any consequences for not registering the animal or the bite will be up to Saline County officials.

- 10News

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