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Pet Monkey Bites Woman at Bank

Erika Fleury February 04, 2015

A Texas bank employee is on medication and under observation after being bitten by a customer’s monkey.

That’s right, monkey. San Antonio authorities quarantined the animal and want to warn the public about how dangerous they can be. Animal care services and Primarily Primates seized this monkey from its owner’s babcock-area home yesterday. It’s now in quarantine at the non-profit’s northwest side facility.

“He does not like the word no. And when you tell him no, he does show signs of being aggressive and he is a very young macaque,” said Brooke Chavez, Primarily Primates Executive Director.

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Primarily Primates is a refuge for exotic animals and the monkey is being isolated from the others for 30 days while it’s tested for diseases, like herpes b.

“My concern was the rabies, number two this type of monkeys carry TB. so that’s another major concern that we have to kind of look into,” said Dr. Anil Mangla of the city of San Antonio Assistant Director of Health.

Authorities say it hasn’t shown any symptoms and the woman he bit was lucky.

“It was not a severe injury fortunately. He did bite in a location where she had several layers of clothing. So she was certainly prevented from having a much more serious injury,” said Audra Houghton.

Audra Houghton is ACS’ field operations supervisor, and she says the owner claimed it was a service animal. “It is kind of difficult to understand how it could be a service animal, it is not really old enough to perform services that a disabled person might need,” said Houghton.

It’s illegal to own this kind of animal and experts stress they do not belong in your home.

“Primates are not pets. they’re wild animals, and in my opinion, they’re just a time bomb,” said Chavez.

The monkey’s owner was cited for keeping a prohibited animal in the city limits and for failing to prevent it from biting someone.

- 22News WWLP

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