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Woman Attacked by Pet Lemur at Antique Shop

Erika Fleury July 22, 2015

Elkhart, TX resident Lucinda Washington says she was shopping at an antique shop in Elkhart last month when a lemur attacked her, causing her to need medical attention.

“It looked at me and it came at me and attacked me,” said Washington. "I was scared. It happened so fast. It was terrifying.”

The bite Washington suffered on her arm required several stitches. “They had to pull it back up to stitch it,” said Washington.

Washington says she is having an additional surgery one month after the event. “I'm having issues moving my wrist properly without pain,” Washington said. “The pain is pretty bad.”

This wasn’t the first time this lemur attacked someone. “I found out shortly after he bit me that he had previously bit a mail carrier,” said Washington. That incident, which occurred in 2012, left another woman in a very similar condition.

“Kenu's not vicious,” said store and lemur owner Tammy Baughman. Baughman says her pet is territorial of his home. “One cut, no other teeth marks,” said Baughman. 

Baughman explains that she is troubled by the most recent attack because she fears for her own safety, and her animal’s safety, as well. “Everything I have done was within the law,” said Baughman. “Everything I have done was within the law. I have broken no laws.”

The Anderson County Sheriff’s Office says they have stepped in as far as they can, being that Kenu is not a normal domesticated animal. “No one is allowed to go around Kenu or the pens until his quarantine is over, and his quarantine won't be over until Saturday,” said Baughman.

Baughman says she is willing to take care of Washington’s medical expenses.


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