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Ape Escape: The Argument to Keep Chimpanzees Out of Cages

Erika Fleury January 31, 2014

Steven Wise has been waiting more than 30 years to give chimpanzees their day in court. A lawyer who specializes in animal protection, Wise is widely credited as a pioneer in the animal rights arena: he’s taught classes on the subject at schools including Harvard and John Marshall Law School, has written four books and countless journal articles, and is the former president of the influential Animal Legal Defense Fund.

But it’s only in recent months that Wise’s work has made national headlines.

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You Can Take the Monkey Out of the Wild, But You Can’t Take the Wild Out of the Monkey

Erika Fleury January 25, 2014

On Saturday, January 18, a young spider monkey named Brodi was humanely killed in Ohio in order to send his head off for rabies testing, despite the fact that he had recently received a rabies vaccination. His crime was having bitten the thumb of an employee at a car dealership who reached into a vehicle (with permission) to pet the monkey. State law requires the testing to be performed when the animal involved is not domesticated and, unfortunately, there are currently no reliable alternatives to directly testing the brain for the disease.

A very sad ending for a very young life, especially considering several accredited sanctuaries reached out to officials with the offer of quarantine and life-long care for him. Sad as it is, the reality is that his unnatural death was a mostly predictable conclusion to a very unnatural life.

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It’s Time For the UK to Stop Monkeying Around With the Primate Pet Trade

Erika Fleury January 22, 2014

Some sage advice from across the pond, as animal advocates are calling on the government in the UK to help protect monkeys who are kept as pets by banning the trade in primates.

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Euthanized Monkey Did Not Have Rabies

Erika Fleury January 21, 2014

A spider monkey who was euthanized after biting a man in Vermilion, Ohio did not have rabies, according to the Erie County Health Department.

The 2-year-old monkey named Brodi was placed in quarantine after the incident occurred Tuesday involving a car dealership employee.

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Spider Monkey, Owners Had Unusual Odyssey Before Car Dealership Incident

Erika Fleury January 21, 2014

It’s been a busy four months for 20-year-old Jacob Ruehlman. Since September, he has allegedly stolen two pet gibbons in Nebraska, traveled across state lines, been charged in Florida and resurfaced in Vermilion (Ohio) after his pet spider monkey reportedly bit an employee at a car dealership.

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Service-Monkey Bill Draws Opposition in Kentucky

Erika Fleury January 19, 2014

In a timely USA Today article, Primate Rescue Center's executive director April Truitt weighs in with reasons why this week's proposed service monkey bill is a bad idea.

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Study: Chimpanzees Bond Over Shared Meals

Erika Fleury January 17, 2014

Chimpanzees who share are chimpanzees who care, it seems.

A study published Wednesday appears to confirm that friendships are forged at mealtimes, at least for our closest living relatives.

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Chimpanzees of a Feather Sit Together: Friendships are Based on Similar Personalities

Erika Fleury January 10, 2014

Like humans, many animals have close and stable friendships. However, until now, it has been unclear what makes particular individuals bond. Cognitive Biologists of the University of Vienna, Austria, and the University of Zurich, Switzerland, explored the question and found that chimpanzees choose their friendships based on similarity of personality.

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PG Tips Chimps: The Last of the Tea-Advertising Apes

Erika Fleury January 10, 2014

The PG Tips chimps were loved by the public and helped make the tea brand one of the UK's most popular. But while the nation laughed, were the animals lives being damaged?

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