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Invasion of the Oil Palm

Erika Fleury August 01, 2014

New research shows African apes are likely to be affected by palm oil, but there’s hope, according to this article by John C. Cannon.

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Nearly Fifty Years of Endangered Primate Data Now Available Online

Erika Fleury August 01, 2014

A 48-year archive of life history data for the world’s largest and most diverse collection of endangered primates is now digital and available online. 

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Primate Rights vs Research: Battle in the Colombian Rainforest

Erika Fleury July 26, 2014

A Colombian conservationist has been locked in a contentious legal fight against a leading researcher who uses wild monkeys in his search for a malaria vaccine. A recent court decision that banned the practice is seen as a victory in efforts to restrict the use of monkeys in medical research.

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The Case for the End of the Modern Zoo

Erika Fleury July 22, 2014

Last August, the Costa Rican government announced it was closing all its zoos. The new policy, the government declared, was "no cages." (A court ruling has so far kept the zoos open.) I think we're moving slowly toward the same sensibility. In 25 years, there will likely still be some way for Americans to see exotic animals. But I will be pretty surprised if those places have cages, mirrors, smoke machines, and conference-room tanks for 12,000-pound whales. There may be nature preserves. But it seems to me that we're pretty rapidly reaching the end of the era of the modern urban zoo.

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Concerns for Apes as Palm Oil Industry Expands Into Africa

Erika Fleury July 21, 2014

First it was the orangutans that suffered as oil palm plantations stretched their way across South-East Asia. Now a new study has shown the great apes of Africa face a similar threat as the burgeoning oil palm industry expands into the region.

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Connecticut Chimpanzee Attack Victim Pushing for Restrictions on Sale of Primates as Pets

Erika Fleury July 11, 2014

A Connecticut woman blinded and disfigured by a chimpanzee attack will visit Washington this week to urge the passage of rules to make it harder to keep primates as pets.

Charla Nash, who lost her nose, lips, eyelids and hands after she was mauled by her employer's 200-pound pet chimpanzee in 2009, said people who buy baby chimps would be wrong to think they will be harmless, childlike companions.

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Scientists Translate Chimpanzee and Bonobo Gestures That Resemble Human Language

Erika Fleury July 08, 2014

Scientists have described the communications of chimpanzees and bonobos in new and unsurpassed detail, offering a lexicon for our closest living relatives and even a glimpse into the origins of human language.

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Chimps Invent Eight Ways to Open Hard Fruits

Erika Fleury July 04, 2014

Chimpanzees living in different colonies have invented 8 effective -- albeit sometimes messy -- ways of opening a hard-peeled fruit that is a delicacy in the chimp world, a new study has found.

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Great Ape ‘Slavery’ Driving Them To Extinction

Erika Fleury July 03, 2014

Thousands of great apes are killed or trafficked into "slavery" each year in a multi-million dollar illegal trade that is driving some of man's closest relatives towards extinction, conservationists said.

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