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Nicolas the Alcoholic Monkey is Symbol of Abuse in Chile

Erika Fleury October 31, 2015

Escaping the clutches of alcoholism is never easy, and it certainly wasn't for Nicolas, who had to go on anti-depressants to cope with the withdrawal symptoms.

But thanks to the timely help of a Chilean treatment center, he has finally been able to get back to what he does best: being a monkey.

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Last German Circus Chimpanzee to Leave Showbiz

Erika Fleury October 30, 2015

Robby, the last chimpanzee remaining in a circus in Germany, will get a new life.

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New Fossil Could Reshape Our Understanding of Ape Evolution

Erika Fleury October 29, 2015

A newly discovered species of primate may rewrite the history of great apes.

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Tattooed Monkey Finds Peace After A Lifetime Of Suffering

Erika Fleury October 29, 2015

After what had likely been a lifetime of suffering at the hands of people who viewed him as a mere commodity, a lonely Rhesus monkey named Andi is beginning to learn what it's like to be at peace - at the Primate Rescue Center.

Click here to contribute toward Andi's lifetime care.

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Animal Rights Groups Implore Dez Bryant to Give Up the Monkey

Erika Fleury October 27, 2015

Last week, we told you about how Dallas Cowboys wide receiver Dez Bryant had somehow procured a tiny monkey he named Dallas Bryant. The world went: Awwwww.

Bryant has never really revealed if he had truly adopted the monkey or, like, rented it for the sake of a widely shared Instagram photo. But some animal-rights groups are telling TMZ that adopting a monkey is a really bad idea.

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Dez Bryant Ripped Over Supposed Pet Monkey: ‘He Will Live to Regret It’

Erika Fleury October 26, 2015

Not everyone caught the cutsies when Dez Bryant posted a pic of his supposed new pet monkey -- several animal organizations (like the Primate Rescue Center) are furious ... claiming the move is downright "irresponsible."

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Mississippi Woman Infected After Alleged Monkey Bite

Erika Fleury October 20, 2015

A Lowndes County, Mississippi woman was airlifted to an undisclosed hospital in Jackson after showing symptoms of a simian-related virus.

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The Murky Ethics of Making Monkeys Pick Our Coconuts

Erika Fleury October 20, 2015

If a creature is smart enough to pick coconuts, is it fair to make him? This is the question at the heart of a controversy over pigtailed macaques in Thailand that excel at picking coconuts loved by Western consumers — but do so on leashes.

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Exotic animal trade flourishes in Missouri

Erika Fleury October 17, 2015

A legal but clandestine market thrives in rural Missouri, where you need more paperwork to buy a car than a chimpanzee.

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How Monkeys Became Big Business in Florida

Erika Fleury October 14, 2015

The breeders are proud. The activists are mad. The neighbors are confused. And the monkeys still have good aim.

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Exotic Monkey Seized from Illinois Home

Erika Fleury October 06, 2015

Authorities seized an exotic monkey from a Cumberland County, Illinois home this week after receiving multiple tips that a resident was selling it.

This monkey, now named Jax, will spend the rest of his life at the Primate Rescue Center. Click here to donate towards his care.

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