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Truth Behind Viral Video Of Chimp Hugging Dog Isn’t Cute

Melanie Parker February 11, 2018

This chimp lost his family, and now people are using him to make thousands of dollars. A video of a baby chimpanzee hugging a dog has gone viral — for all the wrong reasons.

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Citing Deaths of Lab Monkeys, F.D.A. Ends an Addiction Study

Melanie Parker February 03, 2018

The deaths of four squirrel monkeys used as subjects in a nicotine addiction study have prompted the Food and Drug Administration to shut down the research permanently and to establish a council to oversee all animal studies under the agency’s purview.

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Popular Car Maker Used Monkeys In Secret Experiments

Melanie Parker February 03, 2018

To prove their diesel vehicles were cleaner than others on the market, Volkswagen financed a harrowing experiment in 2014: They locked 10 monkeys into an airtight room and pumped it full of diesel exhaust.

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Chinese Scientists Clone Monkeys Using Method That Created Dolly The Sheep

Melanie Parker February 02, 2018

Chinese researchers have finally figured out how to clone a primate, using the same technique Scottish researchers devised to clone the first mammal, Dolly the sheep, in the mid-1990s.

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