Last fall we received an unusual phone call from Canadian artist Troy Wilson. He explained that he wanted to create a charity comic anthology to benefit the Primate Rescue Center. Each week would feature a new primate themed comic by both well-known and up-and-coming creators. Visitors to the site would be encouraged to make a donation to the Primate Rescue Center.

After taking a moment for the information and idea to absorb, we let him know that we were thrilled to be part of such a creative idea!

The first comic for Panels for Primates was launched October 6, 2010 on So far 23 comic strips by 36 different creators have been posted, with new ones coming out each week. We estimate that more than $300 has been donated and we have had countless visitors to our website due to this unique endeavor.   

The comics are very entertaining and the creativity is amazing. We are very thankful to Troy Wilson and the many contributors of Panels for Primates for featuring the PRC. They have found a truly unique way to share information about the plight of primates and introduced the PRC to a completely new audience.

Make sure you bookmark the site so you can read each new comic and enjoy the ones you may have missed.