The Primate Rescue Center is honored to be one of five charities chosen for the Smiley Pete Publishing Annual Give Guide. Volunteers were encouraged to submit essays describing their experience and selected charities are featured in the Southsider and Chevy Chaser magazines on the stands now.

Ellen Furlong shared her story of the impact that volunteering at the PRC had on her life. When she began her service in her freshman year at Transylvania University, Ellen wanted to pursue a career working with animals but had no interest in being a vet. After her first visit to the PRC she was hooked. Now, ten years later, she is Dr. Ellen Furlong, and is studying primate cognition at Yale University.

The managing editor was so impressed with her story and the PRC that we are featured on the cover of the Southsider magazine. You can read the full article at Smiley Pete's Website.

Many thanks to Ellen and Smiley Pete Publishing for this wonderful article.