Mowgli is a male vervet monkey who was confiscated from a private home by the Kentucky Department of Fish and Wildlife Resources and brought to the PRC in March 2021. Mowgli, at merely four weeks old at his arrival, is one of the youngest monkeys to be taken in by the sanctuary. Young Mowgli was very small and showed signs of neglect and physical abuse. He was in desperate need of intensive and proper care. The caregiving team worked around the clock to provide Mowgli with warmth, comfort, nutritious food and baby formula, an appropriate area to gain strength and coordination, and tons of engaging toys for gentle play. Little by little, we witnessed Mowgli become the monkey he was meant to be. Today, Mowgli is full of energy and always ready to play. He loves to swing, hop, climb, flip and have a monkey of a time! The only time this little guy wants to sit still is when he is being groomed by his new friend Nikki, a young female vervet monkey. We have seen many positive signs from Mowgli and Nikki during their time together. We are hopeful that they will become lifelong companions and have many happy and healthy years together. We’re so thankful that Mowgli was brought to the sanctuary where he will have the care, companionship, and love that he deserves!

Merry “Chimpmas” 2022

It’s that time again – the 2022 PRC Chimpmas Holiday Wishlist is here! Each year we look forward to this festive season so that we can spoil all the amazing PRC primates with a little extra holiday cheer. The monkeys and apes have all made their Chimpmas Wishlists, and we hope that you will enjoy making their Chimpmas dreams come true!

The PRC’s Lifetime Care Promise

Jenny Siamang Gibbon was rescued by the PRC in 1992 and is estimated to have been born in 1971. The PRC's Lifetime Care Promise by: Melanie Parker Since its founding, the Primate Rescue Center’s mission has been clear – rescue, rehabilitation, and recovery of...

Chimpmas Time is Here!

It’s that time again… The apes and monkeys have been good all year and are hoping that their Chimpmas wishes will come true! Everyone thought long and hard about what they would love most this year and we have put together their list here. Many of the items they...

Jake and Japanese Macaques

My name is Alister Brown. I interned at the Primate Rescue Center from May to September in 2021. During my time, I was able to grow close to all of the primates on the property. Since I lived in the same building as the chimpanzees, I grew especially close to all...

These are a Few of Their Favorite Things

We are always looking for exciting enrichment items and encouraging our staff, volunteers, and interns to get creative when enriching the primates’ homes, but there are a few tried and true things that will never get old and can be used in various enrichment projects.

Chimpmas Day Festivities Wrap Up

Thanks to our generous donors, Primate Pals and friends of the PRC who donated tons of toys, gifts and tasty snacks, the chimps and monkeys had an awesome time last month opening all of their presents on “Chimpmas” day.

Have a Very Merry Chimpmas!

It's our favorite time of year - Chimpmas is almost here! The chimps thought long and hard about what they wanted to ask for, and we have compiled their list here. Take a look at their wish lists, and maybe you can make a Chimpmas wish come true!