Rescued: 1996

Rodney was born on November 25, 1994, at the Laboratory for Experimental Medicine and Surgery in Primates (LEMSIP), a biomedical research laboratory in New York that has since been closed. Separated at birth from his mother, he was raised with other infant chimpanzees by human caretakers. Although such maternal deprivation is extremely difficult for a young primate, the big-eared, goofy-faced Rodney has always been a prankster and clown who’s good-natured with both humans and chimpanzees.

Growing up, Rodney had trouble discerning when his companions were not in the mood to play (he was always in the mood). He taunted and hassled them, throwing things their way or slapping the ground until they’d chase him (his antics were more annoying and obnoxious than aggressive or violent). Never mind if they were angry—it was all a game to him. During his early days at the PRC, Rodney was well taken care of by Zulu, who treated him as her own child: she played with him, defended him in spats, and even brought him into her nest at night.

Rodney and Ike have always been close friends, and often support each other when fights break out. But as the least dominant of the males, Rodney is often roughed up in disputes with the others, sometimes leaving him with painful cuts and gouges. All in all, though, he seems to be a happy chimp, and lets out memorable grunts of glee when new toys or treats are handed out.

Chimpmas Time is Here!

It’s that time again… The apes and monkeys have been good all year and are hoping that their Chimpmas wishes will come true! Everyone thought long and hard about what they would love most this year and we have put together their list here. Many of the items they...

The Social Primate

In general, primates are social animals. There are many benefits for being a part of a social system, one being protection. Of course, there are some exceptions to this general principle, for instance, the male orangutan, perhaps for the purpose of restraining the number of members competing for the same recourses, but this is not a common theme among the primate order.

Chimpmas Day Festivities Wrap Up

Thanks to our generous donors, Primate Pals and friends of the PRC who donated tons of toys, gifts and tasty snacks, the chimps and monkeys had an awesome time last month opening all of their presents on “Chimpmas” day.

Have a Very Merry Chimpmas!

It's our favorite time of year - Chimpmas is almost here! The chimps thought long and hard about what they wanted to ask for, and we have compiled their list here. Take a look at their wish lists, and maybe you can make a Chimpmas wish come true!

Happy World Chimpanzee Day!

Today is World Chimpanzee Day – a day to celebrate all chimpanzees, wild and captive. We want to spend today highlighting and honoring the nine chimpanzees who call the PRC home! Each chimp is a unique individual with their own likes, dislikes and interests, and we...

Join our Primate Pal Family

Get to know one of the PRC residents while supporting their daily needs through a symbolic adoption. As a nonprofit sanctuary, our fundraising efforts can never cease! Although we are incredibly grateful that each resident at the PRC now has a Pal, we will always...

Sharing the Love

Happy Valentine’s Day! At the Primate Rescue Center, we are so fortunate to have supporters who show us love. Whether it’s by sharing our social media posts, donating to our fundraisers or sending goodies for the primates – we feel the love! We are so grateful and...

Reading into the Chimpanzee

A primatology book analysis and comparison to the PRC's chimps by Taylor Luken. Five to seven million years ago in Africa, humanity (Homo sapiens) and the African great ape known as the chimpanzee (Pan troglodytes) ceased sharing common ancestors. Our evolutionary...

Unbreakable Bond

Zulu Chimpanzee is a former pet from Georgia who arrived at the PRC in 1998 as part of the Dahlonega Five. In this former pet situation, Zulu, along with Donald, Hazel, Victoria, and Debbie, was confined to a small, windowless concrete bunker for more than a decade...