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DonaldIn an ideal world, there would be no need for the Primate Rescue Center. But sanctuaries such as ours exist because unscrupulous breeders and dealers continue to sell baby monkeys to those who inevitably learn that they’re unable to provide those animals suitable lifetime care. Because some states are unwilling to enact common-sense laws that outlaw the cruel trade in pet primates. Because research laboratories quietly dump their unwanted animals after their experiments are finished or their grant money runs out. Because those who use baby primates in the entertainment industry unload the animals when they become too big to safely handle. And the PRC exists because zoos and other exhibitors eagerly cast off their “surplus” primates when they run out of cage space or deem that the public would prefer to see other species.

In short, the PRC exists because of greed, expediency, and a general lack of understanding about what primates in captivity endure. In addition to caring for some of those unwanted animals, our mission is to help educate the public about the largely secretive primate trade. It’s our hope that if enough people understand the inherent cruelty of this business, they’ll collectively help us shut it down.

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Click here for our reviews of books that will help you gain a more comprehensive understanding of these issues. A minimum of 4% of all purchases made through links in our book-review section benefits the animals at the Primate Rescue Center.

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