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Wild and Captive Chimpanzees Share Personality Traits with Humans

Melanie Parker November 01, 2017

Chimpanzees in the wild have personalities similar to those in captivity, and both strongly overlap with traits that are familiar in humans according to a new study published in Scientific Data, confirming what Jane Goodall claimed in the late 1950s and early 1960s when she started attributing personalities to the chimpanzees she followed in Gombe National Park in what is now Tanzania.

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Documentary Shows Jane Goodall in New Light with Unseen Footage

Melanie Parker October 19, 2017

In the early 1960s, Jane Goodall's revolutionary studies of wild chimpanzees challenged the scientific establishment's ideas about animals, as well as about women. The story never gets old, but it's also been told in multiple films, many more books and countless articles. That's why it's astounding that the documentary "Jane" (2017), directed by Brett Morgen and scored by Philip Glass, has something new to contribute to the lexicon of information about Goodall.

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The race to save Monkey Island: Devastation of Puerto Rican home to 1,500 rhesus macaques

Melanie Parker October 06, 2017

Puerto Rico's Cayo Santiago Field Station, or 'Monkey Island', is the longest-running primate field site in the world, and is home to approximately 1,500 free-roaming rhesus macaques. After the devastation brought by hurricane Maria, the two formerly lush islands connected by an isthmus are unrecognizable. Somehow, defying expectations, many of the Cayo monkeys have weathered the storm, but now staff race to restore freshwater and food supplies to the population.

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Foundation to create special reserve for albino orangutan

Melanie Parker September 22, 2017

A conservation group in Indonesia says it wants to create a 5-hectare (12-acre) "forest island" for the world's only known albino orangutan after rescuing it from villagers earlier this year.

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Hurricane Irma: Zoos, Wildlife Centers Hunker Down as Historic Storm Approaches Florida

Melanie Parker September 08, 2017

Zoos and conservation centers in South Florida moved their animals — including howler monkeys, dingoes and turtles — to safety as Hurricane Irma appeared on track to strike this weekend.

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New 13-million-year-old Infant Skull Sheds Light on Ape Ancestry

Melanie Parker August 25, 2017

A new discovery in Kenya of a remarkably complete fossil ape skull reveals what the common ancestor of all living apes and humans may have looked like.

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People who care about animal welfare are demanding information from the USDA

Melanie Parker August 11, 2017

The Agriculture Department abruptly removed all animal welfare reports from its website in February, sparking public outcry, denouncements from Congress and a lawsuit. Six months later, we’re no closer to understanding exactly why the reports were taken down or when all might be restored.

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Zoo Chimp Freed In Historic Legal Case Takes First Steps Onto Grass

Erika Fleury April 07, 2017

For the first time in her life, Cecilia is feeling the grass beneath her feet — and learning what it means to be free.

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What Really Made Primate Brains So Big?

Erika Fleury March 29, 2017

A new study suggests that fruit, not social relationships, could be the main driver of larger brains.

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Precedent in Chimpanzee Rights Case Could Backfire on Humans: Lawyer

Erika Fleury March 17, 2017

An attorney fighting for chimpanzees to someday have legal rights of their own told a New York court Thursday that it would be dangerous not to grant the primates the capacity for rights.

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