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Attention CareerBuilder: Put an End to Your Monkey Business!

April Truitt February 07, 2011

Project ChimpCARE, which is headquartered at Chicago's Lincoln Park Zoo, expressed its disappointment today concerning CareerBuilder's decision to use chimpanzees, dressed as humans, in its latest advertising campaigns. This practice, according to the group, suggests negative conservation and animal welfare implications.

A few years ago the zoo's primate experts published scientific research demonstrating that conservation efforts for endangered chimpanzees may be hindered by the media industry's inappropriate use and portrayal of the species. These findings were published in the journal Science.

Steve Ross, PhD, and founder of Project ChimpCARE explains, "Since that time, many advertising agencies have pledged to no longer use chimpanzees. It's disappointing that CareerBuilder continues this damaging and archaic practice."


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