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Dr. Shirley McGreal Honored for Primate Work

Erika Fleury October 24, 2014

Dr. Shirley McGreal, the founder and executive director of the International Primate Protection League, was recently honored with a Lifetime Achievement award by the North American Primate Sanctuary Alliance [of which the PRC is a founding member].

from left: NAPSA steering committee member Noelle Almrud from Cleveland Amory Black Beauty Ranch, our very own April Truitt - NAPSA steering committee member and co-founder and director of the PRC, Dr. Shirley McGreal, and NAPSA Executive Director Sarah Baeckler. Photo courtesy NAPSA.

McGreal, who was recognized by NAPSA for her “many years of service to wild and captive primates worldwide", founded IPPL in 1973 in Thailand; she established IPPLs Headquarters Sanctuary in Summerville in 1977.

NAPSA was founded to promote quality care for captive chimpanzees and other primates that have been rescued from labs, the entertainment industry, and the exotic pet trade.

“IPPL’s sanctuary was the first primate sanctuary to be founded in the United States,” McGreal said. “Many of our first animals came in the early 1980s from research facilities, and most are still alive today. We feel truly honored that an association representing so many great primate sanctuaries has chosen to recognize IPPL this way.”

IPPL’s Headquarters Sanctuary is currently home to 37 rescued and retired gibbons, the smallest of the apes. IPPL also advocates on behalf of abused monkeys and apes and helps dozens of grass-roots primate rescue groups in Africa, Asia, and South America.

- The Summerville Journal Scene

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