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Marmoset on the Loose Eventually Gets Returned to Owner

Erika Fleury December 03, 2015

On Wednesday evening (December 2), the folks at Barons Market on West Point Loma Boulevard had a special shopper wander into their store.

According to the Facebook post, a marmoset "just ran into Barons and started jumping on people's shoulders." Within minutes, there were hundreds of "oh I want him,” "bring him to me,” and "cuteness" comments.

According to the poster, Kimberly Kootman: "He jumped onto my shoulder! I held him for a sec. He ran into Baron's as I was about to walk out and I was looking around like, Is anyone seeing this?"

But, it didn't take long for the monkey’s owner to step forward.

"He's home safe," wrote David Gedarevich. "There was a crack in a window screen that he escaped through. After several hours of searching I was notified by a neighbor that they had him. I'm glad this situation ended up more comical than tragedy. Thanks everyone! FYI — yes I do have a license to keep him as an exotic pet in Nevada and am just currently visiting California to see my mother."

Marmosets are illegal to own as pets in California.

- San Diego Reader

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