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Monkey Bites Boy at TX Restaurant

Erika Fleury September 18, 2015

Cody the monkey has a day job - visiting with people at Ms. Monkey's Emporium.

Cody the monkey, image courtesy KTRK/CNN

Owner Robert Williams said on Sept. 5 during the last show of the day a boy behind him pulled on Cody, causing the monkey to bite him to get free. The boy's mother, Kelly Haas, said the bite broke the skin, something Williams denied. Haas denied her son reached for the monkey. The woman said she took her son to the doctor and then reported the incident to animal control.

"These animals have had all the vaccinations," Williams said. "They get the same vaccinations that children get."

Cody is under quarantine at home for 21 days, as ordered by animal control, and Williams' license has been temporarily suspended. Williams' two other monkeys are also not allowed to interact with the public, something Williams said will cripple his business. "She knows that the monkeys don't have any disease, and her child didn't catch any disease from them, so I don't know what she's hoping to accomplish," Williams said.

Haas said she's just worried for her son, who seems to be OK for now.


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