Donald’s Profile

Birth Year: Estimated 1974 (we celebrate his birthday each year on September 21)

Rescue Date: May 20, 1998

  • Donald is the largest chimp in his group, weighing 180 pounds.
  • Donald can be identified by his large stature, grey back hair, and speckled skin around his mouth and chin.
  • Based on his estimated age, it is very likely that Donald was caught in the wild and brought to the US to be sold in the pet trade.
  • According to stories from his former owner, Donald survived a fire inside the building he was housed when he was young.
  • Donald is the alpha male of the troop and leads in a very gentle and friendly manner.
  • Donald has a very good relationship with alpha female Martina, as well as Victoria and Zulu, but Donald only chooses to share his food with Martina.
  • Donald makes funny squeals and hums when he is relaxing and getting ready to nap.
  • Donald often naps in the indoor enclosure tunnels, but also enjoys sitting outside in the sun when the weather is nice.
  • Donald’s favorite foods are leeks, red apples, and bananas.

Victoria’s Profile

Birth Year: Estimated 1972 (we celebrate her birthday each year on October 18)

Rescue Date: May 20, 1998

  • Victoria is easy to identify by her very thin coat of hair, grey skin, large, high-set ears, and speckled mouth and chin.
  • Victoria is the second oldest in the group, and also the beta ranking female behind Martina.
  • When Victoria was a baby, she was forced by her former owner to wear roller skates and dresses and perform at a roller-skating rink. Wearing shoes and skates caused deformation of Victoria’s feet, and she is unable to extend her toes normally.
  • Victoria and Zulu are best friends and spend much of their time together. It is extremely rare for caregivers to observe any disputes between these close-nit girls.
  • Victoria loves attention, especially from human males, and she will stick out her tongue and press her belly up to the side of the enclosure to show her affection.
  • Although Victoria is unable to move very fast on her feet, she is still able to climb slowly and even likes to play a fun game with her caregivers called the Knocking Game. She will knock on a part of the enclosure where she wants you to knock. After you knock back, she will “run” over to another area and knock again, and so on. It’s always a sweet surprise when Victoria asks the caregivers to play her game.
  • Victoria’s favorite foods are boiled potatoes, sweet potatoes, hard-boiled eggs, pears, corn, and pasta.

Zulu’s Profile

Birth Year: Estimated 1970

Rescue Date: May 20, 1998

  • Zulu is the oldest chimp in her group and the oldest primate living at the PRC.
  • Zulu is easy to identify because she is the smallest in the group, and she has a thinner, greying coat of hair and a white beard.
  • Before her time as a pet in Georgia, Zulu was owned by a circus.
  • Due to an improper diet, lack of sunshine and the necessary vitamins for healthy growth and development, Zulu developed Rickets as a baby causing bone curvature and stunted growth. Zulu has limited flexibility in her hips and back, as well as curved arm and leg bones. She receives daily medication for inflammation and arthritis to help with her mobility issues, as well as added structures in her enclosure to help her climb.
  • Zulu is very loving and nurturing, especially toward the young males in the group. She has a special bond with Cory and keeps a close eye on him at all times, and she loves to nap and play tickle with Rodney. Ike often comes to her for comfort or a hug, although at times she is a bit more intimidated by Ike’s strength and size.
  • Victoria and Zulu are best friends and spend much of their time together. They are usually observed supporting each other during any group disputes.
  • Zulu’s favorite foods are boiled potatoes, apples, peanut butter, yogurt, hard-boiled eggs, and bananas.