Cory’s Profile

Birth Date: April 26, 1995

Rescue Date: August 19, 1996

  • Cory is the shortest of the males in his group with a very stout body and rounded face. He has a very dark coat of hair with a little greying hair on his chin.
  • Cory is very intelligent and responds well to operant conditioning. He will present many of his body parts when we ask, which we do to check Cory’s physical health. Cory receives a food reward for cooperating with caregivers during these sessions.
  • Cory is also excellent at retrieving items in the enclosure for caregivers as they are cleaning up. They will point to and ask Cory to bring them an item such as a burlap bag or toy, and he will bring the item to them for a food reward.
  • Cory is known for his loud and prolonged displays. He will drum his hands and feet on the enclosure tunnels, use toys to rake against enclosure caging, and he lets out a loud hoot and cry to make his presence known.
  • Since he was a baby, Cory has had a very close bond with fellow chimpanzee Zulu. She is a mother figure to Cory. He will go to her for comfort, and she will stay close by him when there is any drama in the group or conflict between Cory and the other younger males.
  • Cory’s favorite foods are dragon fruit, fennel, yogurt, red apples, and bananas.

Ike’s Profile

Birth Date: June 6, 1994

Rescue Date: August 19, 1996

  • Ike is the beta male of the troop and is helpful to Donald during disputes within the group.
  • Ike is very tall, lean and strong. He is also the fastest runner and climber in the group – no one can catch him.
  • Ike has a thinner coat of hair with freckled, tan skin and a light brown face. He also has pointy ears much like an elf.
  • Ike has a very close bond with Noelle, which began when they were babies in the laboratory from where they were rescued. Ike also enjoys playing chase and wrestling with his best friend Rodney.
  • Ike is generally very quiet and serious but will occasionally show the caregivers his silly side by rolling around on his back, playing with his feet, and showing them his open mouth play face.
  • Ike’s favorite foods are coconuts, beets, peaches, plums, and bananas.

Jenny’s Profile

Birth Date: May 19, 1995

Rescue Date: August 19, 1996

  • Jenny is smaller, with a very dark coat of hair and a distinctive mole on her forehead.
  • She is the youngest in the group and the most playful of all the chimps.
  • Jenny loves to play chase and will playfully ask the caregivers to race with her along the length of the outdoor enclosure. She also loves to jump up and down while the caregivers do the same.
  • She is also skillful and accurate when it comes to spitting mouthfuls of water at caregivers and volunteers.
  • Jenny loves to make nests out of long sheets of paper, straw, and stuffed animals.
  • When offered wrapping paper, sunglasses, hats, and shoes as enrichment, Jenny will often wear these items around her enclosure while making a play face.
  • Jenny is one of the few chimps who like to play in water in the summer and she enjoys it when the caregivers shower her feet and hands with water from the hose.
  • Jenny’s favorite foods are carrots, bananas, apples, cereal and popcorn.

Martina’s Profile

Birth Date: January 21, 1991

Rescue Date: August 19, 1996

  • Martina is the oldest of the LEMSIP rescued chimps. She was allowed to stay in the nursery with the babies to act as their big sister and was rescued by the PRC with them when the lab closed down.
  • Martina has a thick, dark coat of hair and a grey beard.
  • After former resident and alpha female Hazel passed away, Martina became the new alpha female after a few months of debate amongst the group.
  • Martina has a close relationship with Donald and will often sit and nap near him in the indoor enclosure tunnels.
  • Martina is very friendly and playful with the caregivers and asks them frequently to play a game of chase. She also loves to see their shoes and will point at their feet to ask for a closer look.
  • Martina is extremely intelligent, curious, and interested in learning. She will help caregivers retrieve items in her enclosure such as toys or plastic bottles, and she enjoys cleaning windows with a wet cloth much like she sees the care staff doing.
  • Martina’s favorite foods are lettuce, onions, cabbage, celery, and apples.

Noelle’s Profile

Birth Date: December 22, 1994

Rescue Date: August 19, 1996

  • Noelle is very tall and lanky with a long, dark face and thinner, messy hair.
  • Noelle is a very playful girl, but also the most emotional and reactive in the group since her time as a baby in the laboratory from where she was rescued.
  • Noelle has a very close bond with Ike and will sit with him when she needs to be comforted. She also is friends with Jenny, and they will play together sweetly.
  • Noelle developed Type 2 diabetes during her time at the PRC, which can be common amongst chimps living in captivity. She receives oral medication daily to control her glucose levels, as well as regular non-invasive urinalysis checks to ensure that her levels are under control (she will pee in a cup for caregivers when requested in exchange for a small food reward).
  • Noelle is very funny and wonderfully quirky. She loves rain boots specifically, and we offer these to her as enrichment because she likes to put them on and walk around. She also likes to brush her teeth and tongue with a toothbrush, look in mirrors or at herself on selfie mode on a phone, and she swings on a certain length of firehose in her outdoor enclosure much like a playground swing set.
  • Noelle’s favorite foods – EVERYTHING!

Rodney’s Profile

Birth Date: November 25, 1994

Rescue Date: August 19, 1996

  • Rodney has a distinct look with a large brow ridge, large floppy ears, a dark, sleek coat of hair, and a lean, trim body. Rodney’s face is very wide, and he tends to literally look down his nose at you with his chin raised in the air.
  • Rodney is very playful and silly. He likes to wrestle with his friend Ike and tickle Zulu’s feet when they are resting together.
  • Rodney is the only chimp who is known for throwing poop, which is very effective during his displays to keep other chimps and the caregivers far away.
  • Rodney loves to hang out in the outdoor enclosure and is often the first one out the door when the caregivers give the chimps access in the mornings. If the overnight temperature is warm enough for the chimps to have access overnight, Rodney will quickly grab his dinner from inside then run back outside to eat on one of the high platforms.
  • Rodney’s favorite foods are bananas, frozen treats, strawberries, peanuts and yogurt.