Ciera’s Profile

Birth Year: Estimated 2000

Rescue Date: May 23, 2004

  • Ciera was given a life-saving hysterectomy in 2007 after a large tumor was detected in her uterus.
  • Ciera’s favorite foods are grapes, sweet potatoes, and peanuts.
  • Her pastimes are munching on frozen treat enrichment, climbing to the top perch in her enclosure for a better view, lounging with her friend Luke, and grooming Luke and Rainey from head to toe.
  • Ciera is the largest in her group. She has beautiful almond-shaped eyes and a fluffy white beard.
  • Ciera has lived with several different monkeys during her time at the PRC, including current residents Bubbles, Zoe, and Breanna, and former residents Gizmo, Toby, Tonya, and Lily.


Luke’s Profile

Birth Year: Estimated 1995

Rescue Date: July 2, 2002

  • Luke has a very dark grey/olive coat of hair and a long face with pointy ears and more sunken cheeks due to his missing teeth (removed while he was in his pet situation).
  • Despite his lack of teeth, Luke has quite the appetite and can eat most foods easily. He will go for softer foods first, then work on breaking down the crunchier items, like his chow biscuits, by soaking these items with water from his water bottle or pool to soften them. The caregivers tried doing this for Luke before giving him the biscuits, but he rejected our offer and prefers to soak his chow on his own.
  • Because of the trauma Luke endured as a pet, he is very hesitant to trust humans. However after many years of kind and peaceful interactions with his caregivers through food rewards and positive verbal praise, he has become much more comfortable around and friendly toward those who care for him regularly.
  • Luke has lived with several different primates during his time at the PRC and has always been a sweet, affectionate and loving companion. His companions include Ciera, Rainey, Carlos, and former resident Boo.

Rainey’s Profile

Birth Date: August 2012

Rescue Date: February 27, 2014

  • Rainey is the only rhesus macaque in her group, so she is easy to identify by her shorter tail, reddish hair and pale face.
  • Rainey is very energetic and loves to climb high in her enclosure. She is a sweet but mischievous little girl, and she will often stir up trouble just to start a game of chase.
  • Rainey has a bold but friendly personality and gets along very well with companions Ciera and Luke. She is very curious and inquisitive and will thoroughly investigate new enrichment and toys or watch the activities of the caregivers closely as they are cleaning or enriching primate areas of the sanctuary.
  • Rainey loves frozen treats, foraging for seeds and nuts, munching on honeysuckle browse, and eating just about any fruits and veggies she can get her hands on.