Breanna’s Profile

Birth Year: Estimated 2005 

Rescue Date: June 20, 2010

  • Beautiful Breanna is thought to be a hybrid rhesus macaque/long-tailed macaque because she displays physical characteristics of both species.
  • Her body shape, size, and tail length are more consistent with the rhesus macaque, while her hair color is more like that of a long-tailed macaque.
  • Breanna has lived with several different monkeys during her time at the PRC, including current residents Caleb, Bob, Bubbles, Ciera, Zoe, Rainey, Dewey and Andi, and former resident Mighty.
  • Breanna’s favorite foods are bananas, avocados, peanuts, grapes, and cherries.
  • Breanna loves stuffed animals and blankets, and she enjoys grooming her companions.
  • Breanna is often a very quiet monkey, but will vocalize when she sees and hears the chimps getting into a scuffle or any loud chimp group drama. 

Caleb’s Profile

Birth Date: August 2010

Rescue Date: April 21, 2011

  • Caleb is a different subspecies than PRC vervet monkeys Bob and Vernon, with a slightly more yellowish hair color, a darker brow ridge, and speckled facial skin. He is the same subspecies as new PRC resident Nikki.
  • Caleb has the longest tail of any primate at the sanctuary!
  • One of Caleb’s favorite enrichment items is his forage pool. He will stuff his pouches completely full of the hidden treats he finds until his cheeks are bulging.
  • When Caleb was younger, he loved to play in the water. The caregivers would spray water on a slide in his enclosure and he would actually slide down it like a water slide!
  • Caleb’s favorite foods are apples, bananas, popcorn and peanuts.