George’s Profile

Birth Year: Estimated 2015

Rescue Date: May 12, 2016

  • Although George was a tiny young monkey when he arrived, in the short time he has been at the PRC he has grown to be one of the largest monkeys at the sanctuary.
  • George loves to play in his water pool with toys and fish for frozen grapes.
  • George is very athletic and muscular, and he is an excellent climber. He loves to sit at the highest perch in his enclosure to enjoy the view.
  • Although George exhibits signs of Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder as a result of being taken from his mother only days after being born to become a human pet, he has accomplished many milestones in his recovery. He is much calmer and less aggressive toward his caregivers after years of trust building and positive interactions with humans.
  • George is still a typical youngster with tons of energy and spunk and loves playing with toys often. He also really enjoys foraging for snacks through straw and pine shavings and watching, playing with and chatting with his neighbors.
  • George is not a picky eater and loves everything! He also likes to stuff his pouches completely full of various fruits, veggies and nuts each day.