Bisou’s Profile

Birth Year: Estimated 1990

Rescue Date: November 12, 1993

  • Bisou is the smallest in her group with a dark brown back, eyes and face.
  • Her favorite foods are bananas, peanuts, mango, kale, apples, grapes, hard boiled eggs, and monkey chow biscuits.
  • Bisou is very sweet and loving toward her companions and caregivers. She loves to snuggle up with her monkey companions and she always greets caregivers with her signature kiss face and chirps of happiness.
  • Bisou is a shy and reserved girl who loves to rest on the highest perch in the sunshine.
  • Currently, Bisou is the second longest rescued primate at the PRC with 27 years in sanctuary, just behind her companion Jenny gibbon with 28 years of sanctuary.

Chester’s Profile

Birth Date: December 1996

Rescue Date: July 21, 2002

  • Chester is known for his long, lean body and extremely long tail.
  • Chester loves to brachiate using all four limbs and his tail across the length of his enclosure.
  • Chester is very outgoing and loves to investigate new food and toys.
  • Chester loves to smell things! He uses his nose for just about anything he encounters and he especially loves when the caregivers give him blankets or toys with essential oils to smell.
  • Chester and his companion Jenny gibbon have a very special bond and are seen sitting together, eating together, and snuggling nearly every single day. They will even wrestle and play with each other when they think no one is watching.
  • Chester gets very excited about breakfast and always goes straight for the bananas. He also loves peanuts, mango, popcorn, grapes, sweet potato, and yogurt.

Dehlia’s Profile

Birth Year: Estimated 2000

Rescue Date: June 27, 2002

  • When Dehlia arrived at the sanctuary she was very thin and frail after being abandoned in an apartment closet, but she is now the largest spider monkey in her group and sports quite the potbelly.
  • Dehlia is very shy when it comes to new visitors to the sanctuary or having her photograph taken.
  • Dehlia is known as the sanctuary greeter – she always gives a hello squeal each time a caregiver or volunteer arrives at the sanctuary or passes by her enclosure.
  • Dehlia’s favorite time of day is breakfast! This girl loves bananas – she will squeal with joy each and every day when she receives her mix of fruits and vegetables, but the first items eaten are always the bananas.

Jenny’s Profile

Birth Year: Estimated 1971

Rescue Date: March 13, 1992

  • Based on her estimated year of birth, Jenny was most likely caught in the wild and brought to the US rather than being born into captivity. She is also one of the oldest siamang gibbons in captivity!
  • Jenny has lived at the PRC for longer than any other primate resident – 28 years!
  • Jenny is known for her loud territorial call, which can be heard from miles away.
  • Jenny’s second and third toes on her feet are webbed, which is a specific trait seen only in Siamangs among the Gibbon family.
  • Before Jenny’s time at the PRC she lived for many years in a zoo where she gave birth to several babies. Jenny also gave birth to an unexpected baby at the PRC with her mate Jason. Jenny was able to raise her baby until he was ready to move on (as he would have in the wild), and he was transferred to the National Zoo in Washington to find a female companion.
  • Jenny’s favorite pastimes are sunbathing, brachiating, and eating watermelon.