Bob’s Profile

Birth Date: August 2008

Rescue Date: May 22, 2009

  • Bob was surrendered to the sanctuary from a pet situation in Virginia at only 10 months old, one of our youngest rescues.
  • Bob is usually extremely quiet, except when he begins his alarm call which sounds much like a bark and can be heard from far away. 
  • His favorite foods are corn, grapes, bananas, and peanuts.
  • Bob is very fond of small stuffed animals and fleece blankets and sleeps with both in his barrel bed each night. He also enjoys naps in his barrel with his favorite basketball and taking a dip in his water-filled pool to search for sunken treats.
  • Bob previously lived with current residents Breanna and Caleb and former resident Suzie olive baboon. Because Bob and Caleb became very aggressive with one another after living together for over 7 years, we chose to separate them from each other for their own safety. Bob is a very curious boy who we hope to introduce to a new companion in the future.
  • Vervet monkeys can be extremely difficult to socialize in captivity because of their natural competitiveness, quick reactivity to any disturbance or challenge, and very sharp, long canine teeth.

Hope’s Profile

Birth Year: Estimated 2000

Rescue Date: March 24, 2015

  • Hope was surrendered to the PRC in 2015 after being kept as a pet for 15 years in Corbin, KY.
  • Hope has a visual impairment in one of her eyes due to an inoperable, benign growth that stretches across her pupil, but vision in Hope’s other eye is normal and enables her to move around her enclosure safely.
  • Hope was initially introduced to Jake Japanese macaque, and then Dewey rhesus macaque; however because of Hope’s extended time living in a human home and her visual impairment, she is apprehensive about sharing her space with another monkey. 
  • Hope loves to watch and vocalize with her neighbors, and we are hopeful that she can be introduced to another monkey in the future who will be patient with her as she learns to cohabitate. Until then, this sweet girl seems quite happy chatting with her neighbors, enjoying tasty fruits and vegetables, and napping in the sunshine under her blankets in the afternoon.
  • Hope gets very excited to receive her breakfast and will call to the caregivers as they are preparing her food with a loud squealing sound.
  • Hope’s favorite foods are strawberries, monkey chow biscuits, and apples.

Junior’s Profile

Birth Year: Estimated 1997

Rescue Date: June 5, 2014

  • Junior made his journey to the PRC in 2014 after having spent nearly two decades in a private home in Ohio. When the state implemented new regulations prohibiting the private ownership of primates and other dangerous animals, his owners decided to surrender him to the sanctuary.
  • Having spent nearly two decades in a home with no monkey companions, Junior developed some “personal space issues,” and we have been unable to successfully introduce him to a companion so far. However, he has accomplished several milestones in his recovery and has become a very relaxed and happy monkey.
  • He is quite friendly with his caregivers, raising his brow and lovingly lip-smacking to them each time they approach his enclosure.
  • Junior prefers to sleep and spend his afternoons in his favorite spot – his tub. He makes sure to put plenty of blankets inside to make it nice and cozy when he tucks himself in at night.
  • Junior’s favorite foods are grapes, sweet potatoes, apples and pistachios.

Vernon’s Profile

Birth Year: Estimated 1999

Rescue Date: January 1, 2004

  • Vernon was rescued along with six other monkeys and hundreds of dogs, cats, and birds from an animal-hoarding situation in New York. All of the animals had been individually housed in small dog crates stacked on top of each other. Vernon only had enough room to stand up and turn around while also having to cope with many different animals all around his space.
  • After many years in sanctuary, Vernon is much more comfortable and confident and enjoys playing with toy balls and foraging for treats in his water pool or pine shavings forage pool – all of which he was too traumatized and afraid to do when he first arrived at the sanctuary.
  • Vernon is a beautiful boy, with all the distinct characteristics of a vervet monkey and especially fluffy tufts of white hair on the sides of his face.
  • Vernon is mostly very quiet but will vocalize with a choppy barking sound when he sees something that troubles him. When him and his vervet neighbor Bob do this together, it can be quite the alarm for caregivers to check the scene. Most often, they are alerting us to something as simple as a fallen branch or something rolling in the wind that they couldn’t identify and felt was worthy of an alarm.
  • Vernon’s favorite foods are corn, bananas, peanuts, grapes, and kiwi.