Jake’s Profile

Birth Year: Estimated 1997

Rescue Date: September 10, 2003

  • Jake is one of the largest monkeys living at the sanctuary.
  • Jake is able to handle much colder weather than most monkeys with hair covering his ears, extra hairy toes and feet, and a short, fluffy tail.
  • Jake spends most of his time in his outdoor enclosure, preferring to be out even when temperatures are colder. However, he does like to sleep inside his warm house at night.
  • When the light hits Jake’s hair, the silvery strands sparkle in the sun like tinsel.
  • Jake makes a happy sound that sounds a little like a kitten meowing.
  • He loves to fish for frozen food items in his water pool to cool off in the summer heat
  • Jake does not like thunder storms and always retreats to his indoor enclosure to hide from the loud thunder.
  • Jake’s favorite foods are peanuts, peaches, grapes, and mango.

Maddie’s Profile

Birth Year: 2005

Rescue Date: August 17, 2007

  • Maddie is a tall and strong monkey who has quite the personality. She is very quiet but can get pretty chatty when she is lip-smacking at her caregivers or companion monkeys.
  • Maddie loves the water and as a younger monkey would climb completely into a water pool to cool off or even play happily in a shower of water from the hose. Although she is not quite as adventurous with water as she’s gotten older, she still loves to fish for frozen grapes or toys in her water pool.
  • Maddie is an excellent groomer and will spend time each day making sure her hair is well groomed.
  • Maddie and her companion Jake have been observed grooming later in the evening after the caregivers’ workday at the sanctuary is complete, but they are not the most affectionate couple. They do seem to enjoy each other’s company very much and get along well during meals and when bedding down for the night inside their indoor area.
  • Maddie has lived with a few different monkeys during her time at the sanctuary, including current residents Jake and Zoe, and former residents Mighty, Toby, Tonya, and Opie.
  • Maddie’s favorite foods are cherries, bananas, peanuts, avocado, sweet potato and peaches.