Maggie’s Profile

Birth Year: Estimated 1993

Rescue Date: April 8, 1998

  • Maggie is a beautiful, strong monkey who has a dark black coat of hair and an intense, watchful gaze.
  • Maggie and her companion Mandy look very similar; however, there are differences in their appearance indicating that Maggie may have both Moor macaque and Crested black macaque genes (it is not uncommon for pet monkeys to be bred outside of of their species and subspecies). While Mandy has an enlarged bottom swell and a mohawk hair style on her head, Maggie’s swell rises more on her back, she has a broader face, and she does not have a mohawk.
  • Maggie is one of the largest female monkeys residing at the sanctuary. She is very athletic and active. She utilizes all of the climbing structures in her enclosure.
  • She likes to make quite the ruckus when she plays with enrichment, throwing things around and shaking her enclosure. Her favorite toys are plastic balls.
  • Maggie and Mandy have lived together since Mandy’s arrival in 2005, but before that Maggie lived with former resident and Crested black macaque Mighty.
  • Maggie loves to forage through her enrichment pool filled with pine shavings and hidden treats, and her favorite foods are apples, peppers, mango and strawberries.

Mandy’s Profile

Birth Date: February 1, 1997

Rescue Date: March 6, 2005

  • Mandy is easy to identify with her distinct mohawk hair on the top of her head and a large, round, red bottom swell. She also has a beautiful black coat of hair and light brown eyes.
  • Mandy loves to play with water and happily lets the caregivers shower her feet, hands and sometimes bottom during warm summer months with the hose. She also likes to fish for frozen treats in her water pool.
  • Mandy delights in foraging in her pine shavings enrichment pool for seeds and yummy surprises, although after a bit of digging Mandy usually opts to turn the entire pool over into a pile on the floor. She is also quite the nest builder, using fleece blankets and stuffed animals to create a nice, soft bed to curl up for a nap.
  • Mandy is very vocal and loves to chat with her companion Maggie, her neighbors, and her caregivers.
  • Mandy’s favorite foods are monkey chow biscuits, apples, grapes, peanuts, cherry tomatoes, and peaches.