We are gearing up for an amazing day of giving just for apes! This year the Primate Rescue Center is participating in Giving Day for Apes on October 15th, 2019. This worldwide giving day specifically for apes, hosted by the Arcus Foundation and the Global Federation of Animal Sanctuaries, will be supporting more than 30 sanctuaries who care for apes throughout Africa, Asia and North America, including the PRC.


The Primate Rescue Center is the permanent home for nine chimpanzees, as well as one Siamang gibbon, and we will be raising funds all day on October 15 to support the daily care of these amazing animals. We want to spread the word so that all of our supporters have the chance to give and encourage friends and family to give and support the care of all the apes at the PRC.



This year on Giving Day for Apes, we will be sharing photos and videos of each ape living at the sanctuary. We want our supporters to get to know the apes at the PRC on a deeper level. Through our posts, you will learn about their personalities, their likes and dislikes, their social ranking and favorite enrichment activities. As the providers of their sanctuary care, we are excited for our followers to learn about the amazing apes they support. At the PRC, we are committed to giving all of our residents the best care possible and we spare no expense to provide each and every resident with exemplary nutrition, enrichment, medical care, housing and companionship. We hope that by participating in Giving Day for Apes, we can raise funds that allow us to continue to provide the best life of sanctuary possible for our beloved residents. Your donation will go directly to the care of the apes at the PRC – from medical exams, to food, to enrichment and enclosure enhancements, your gift helps cover the cost of these necessities.


We will be using our social media pages to share about Giving Day for Apes and we would love your support in spreading the word! You can visit our giving page here, and share with your family and friends to help us raise funds for all of the apes at the PRC. You don’t have to wait until October 15th to give, so visit our giving page to give your gift today! On Giving Day for Apes, you will also have the opportunity to receive special thank you gifts for donating, so be sure to donate on October 15th in the specified amounts to snag these unique gifts.



You can also support our fundraising efforts by creating and hosting a fundraiser of your own! Whether you choose to create a fundraiser through Facebook or Mighty Cause, you can encourage your friends and family members to give to the apes at the sanctuary by sharing what the PRC means to you. Everyone who makes a fundraiser will receive this limited edition poster featuring all 9 PRC chimpanzees.



We are so grateful to our supporters, and we are excited to participate in this amazing fundraising day to support apes! To find out more about this event, you can visit the Giving Day for Apes website here and read all about the upcoming event.