In Memoriam

Since its founding, the PRC’s mission has been clear – rescue, rehabilitation and recovery of primates in need. Our goal is to provide a safe haven along with exceptional, individualized care for each primate from the day they arrive until the day it is their time to leave this earth. This is the lifetime care promise we make to each primate rescued by the sanctuary. Depending on the primate’s species, age and mental and physical health upon arrival, this can translate to many, many years of care.

Because we have dedicated our lives to their care, the death of any animal here has the weight and gravity of losing a dear friend or family member. Although it is never an easy thing to say goodbye to those we love, we are proud and honored to have been a part of their second chance at life. This is where we pay our everlasting tribute and respects to those apes and monkeys (and other sanctuary creatures) who have so enriched our lives.